I Am a One Issue Voter


I have become a one issue voter.  It’s not because I don’t care about the federal deficit, or the crushing weight of student loan debt, or Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.  Those things matter.  But they matter less than our government actively participating in the abhorrent and evil trade of dead baby flesh.

Priorities are easy to set when one has a consistent world view, and like many evangelical Christian citizens, life is at the top of my list.  So much so that when the crimes against humanity (and against God) that Planned Parenthood is committing are magnified before my eyes, using videos showing dead unborn babies torn to shreds in pie plates, while officials haggle over the quality and price of the “specimens,” that tends to push out everything else.

I have developed tunnel vision.

Before anything else happens, abomination must be dealt with.

So I’m now a one issue voter.  The issue is abortion, or at least the public funding of abortion providers.  I don’t care about parsing legalities, of what money is used to fund what service.  I don’t care that Planned Parenthood defines each individual action they take (like handing out aspirin before an abortion) as a “service” so make the abortion numbers appear to be a small part of what they do.  I don’t care if the donation of “tissue” is technically legal, as long as certain “rules” are followed, or money that changes hands is to cover expenses.

All of that is just a smokescreen to cover evil.

I don’t care that the media has moved on, dealing with important issues like a Minnesota dentist killing a beloved wild lion in Africa.  I don’t care that Planned Parenthood hired SKDKnickerbocker—a Democratic powerhouse PR firm—to squash the videos coming out of the Center for Medical Progress.

I don’t care that the network news organizations have dedicated more time to Cecil the lion than all four videos released exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby parts black market operation.

On July 29, Good Morning America co-anchor Lara Spencer highlighted the “very disturbing story” with “international outrage” before turning to ABC correspondent David Wright for the full story on the lion-shooting by an American, now, according to Wright, “pretty much the most hated man on the internet.”

“There are no words,” Spencer added at the end of the segment. Again, we’re talking about a lion.

For CBS’ This Morning, co-anchor Gayle King commented, “The more you hear about it, the more upsetting it is.”

For the shooting of a lion, yes. For the weekly videos exposing the trafficking of baby parts, no. (According to the media, that is.).

“I heard somebody in South Africa describe it,” King added. “It would be like in this country, if somebody shot Lassie, and then said, ‘We didn’t know that was Lassie.’”

I don’t care that the House of Representatives and the Senate have moved on—with the Senate making a valiant effort to vote on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood—and plan to go on vacation without a bill on Obama’s desk.  Of course, Obama would veto it, but not voting at all is unconscionable.

Speaker [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ]’s priorities don’t seem to include defunding Planned Parenthood.  He claims to be focused on “America’s priorities” but he’s not.

I don’t care about entitlement reform, or human trafficking.  Those are important, yes, but they are not the enormous flashing red light throbbing before my eyes.

I don’t care about U.S. jobs and national security.

I don’t care about VA accountability.

I don’t care about Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information.  Of course she mishandled it.  Of course she lied about it.  The presidential election is 16 months away.  That’s 1.4 million unborn babies killed and their parts potentially sold, with a half billion tax dollars paid to the butchers who do it.

And the House is about to recess without a vote on defunding Planned Parenthood.

The once seemingly essential appropriations bills now seem to matter less because Democrats in the Senate pledged to filibuster all of them anyway, preferring a new broad budget agreement. Instead, Congress is most likely to try to cobble together a short-term spending bill, known as a continuing resolution, to avoid a messy fight over how to pay for government services before Pope Francis arrives to address Congress. Some House Republicans are already threatening not to pass a spending bill in the fall if it has funding for Planned Parenthood.

Speaker Boehner seems more concerned with keeping his title and power than dealing with America’s real priorities.  He’d make an excellent tyrant in a third world country.

Then late Tuesday, [mc_name name=’Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’M001187′ ], Republican of North Carolina, made an attempt — albeit one with almost no chance of advancing — to oust Speaker John A. Boehner.

On Wednesday, Mr. Boehner dismissed Mr. Meadows’s measure like so many gnats at the beach. “Listen, this is one member, all right?” he said. “I’ve got broad support among my colleagues. And frankly, it isn’t even deserving of a vote.”

Mr. Boehner, who has grown grudgingly accustomed to the chaff tossed up by the right, has found ways to work with just enough Democrats to lead the way on things like fixes to the Medicare payment system and some funding measures.

I’m fed up with politics.  I’m fed up with the petty, lying leadership we have in the Republican party.  I’m fed up with trying to appease Democrats, race-baiters, and Iran.

But I’m most fed up with pussy-footing around the biggest evil of our day.

I am now a one issue voter.

Until Planned Parenthood is defunded, nothing else matters.  As Leon Wolf wrote, don’t come to me with anything else until you’ve dealt with this evil.

As for me, I’ve had enough. Don’t come to me with your hand out asking for anything anymore until this one tiny thing has been accomplished. You’ve got enough manpower to get this one thing accomplished and if you don’t, you can just take your Grady Little butts off into the sunset of retirement for all I care. I don’t want “we tried,” I want results. Until you can figure out how to deliver them, good luck finding another sucker come next November.

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