140 House Members are Ready to #DefundPlannedParenthood


140 House members are on board to defund Planned Parenthood.  That means only 78 more are needed to pass a bill before the August recess.

This is the best opportunity the House has to deal with the issue while public outrage is at its peak, and before the forces of darkness at the command of the death merchants can be marshaled to squelch this rebellion of conscience.

Yet, Speaker Boehner is delaying.

Still, a House vote is not expected anytime soon, a GOP leadership aide said Tuesday, arguing “the political reality” is that it doesn’t have enough support.

“In order to enact legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, we need more Republicans and Democrats in both the House and the Senate to support our efforts,” the aide said. “In order to get more support for our case, we have to investigate the organization and deliver the facts about their gruesome practices.”

House Majority Leader [mc_name name=’Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’M001165′ ] has a 100 percent score from the National Right to Life Committee, a zero percent score from NARAL, and a consistent pro-life voting record.  And McCarthy is on board.

House Majority Leader [mc_name name=’Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’M001165′ ] (R-Calif.), who had initially said he wanted “all the facts” before legislative action, appeared to change course on Monday, when he voiced support for a moratorium on funding.

House GOP leadership have said “there is no disconnect” between the statements from Boehner and McCarthy and that both support defunding Planned Parenthood.

Speaker Boehner, bring [mc_name name=’Rep. Diane Black (R-TN)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B001273′ ]’s bill to the floor and let it be voted on.  Let America speak up and call their representatives.  This isn’t about politics and garnering enough “support” for a bill to pass it, this is about conscience.

The longer the vote is delayed, the more time Planned Parenthood and its minions have to put their game in play and suppress the truth.

Black said Tuesday she has met resistance from House leadership while asking them to take up her bill “immediately.”

“We still do not have, from the Speaker’s office, a move-forward plan, but I’m continuing to gather sponsors on my bill,” she said in an interview with the “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“Of course the more that we can show the Speaker that there is support within our conference, the more likelihood it will come to the floor,” she said.

Let’s show Speaker Boehner that we want Planned Parenthood defunded, and now is the time to do it.  Call his office at (202) 225-0600.

I am tired of letting liberal news cycles and daily crises (and there will be one, guaranteed) knock life-or-death issues out of the media.  This is the time to act and #defundPlannedParenthood.

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