Hail to the Blue Dwarfs


On the really big questions, science is pretty cool.  NASA estimates the age of the universe at 13.77 billion years, give or take 59 million years—that’s a 0.04 percent spread.  I wish they could predict the Super Bowl or tomorrow’s weather that that kind of accuracy (but they can’t).

Nearly 14 billion years may seem like a long time (okay, it is a long time—in fact it’s 130 million years for each human who has ever lived, or 1.7 million lifetimes per person), but cosmologically speaking, it’s not particularly aged.  There are even some kinds of stars that haven’t had time to form yet.

One of these is known as a “blue dwarf.”

A blue dwarf is a small star that has burned most of its hydrogen, and starts fusing heavier and heavier elements.  Not being large enough to become a red giant (what our star, Sol, is predicted to become when it consumes the Earth), it shrinks into a red dwarf, then increases its surface temperature and luminosity, becoming “blue.”

Science has not observed any blue dwarf stars because, as I wrote above, the universe isn’t old enough for one to form.

But American politics is just old enough to see a blue dwarf forming, and you don’t even need an orbiting space telescope to spot it.

It’s a funny thing, science.  It’s separable from history.  Every “new” discovery is little more than confirmation of the whole history of discoveries that preceded it.  Politics has no such restriction: every new idea, no matter how old or tired, tried, failed and retreaded, is “new” when the next person suggests it.

I wonder how a physicist who repudiated all discoveries before him as ignorant and wrongheaded would fare?  Some white-coated, bearded lab-dweller convinced that his own work is better than Einstein or Max Planck (who discovered quantum physics) could tout his discovery of the gravitational constant, for instance, as entirely new and unrelated to Newton or Einstein.

Instead of using the label “G” he could call his discovery “W” and lobby publishers to expunge all citations of “G”—as well as Newton, Planck, and Einstein—from high school and college textbooks.  Such an idea is absurd for scientists, but not for politicians and culture warriors.

Einstein was apocryphally quoted as saying “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  A corollary of this is that genius is only as good as one’s ability to learn from the past.

The Einstein of squirrels, lacking the ability to write down its ideas, will still end up squashed on the road, its genius forever lost to squirrel posterity.  And the blue dwarf Democrats, when they’ve finished expunging all of history, will leave us nothing for posterity but a legacy of failed ideas gussied up as new discoveries.

For decades, blue dwarf Democrats have been burning their own fuel into heavier and heavier elements, while denying history in favor of their “discoveries.”  During the 1960’s, they “discovered” the black civil rights movement after President Kennedy’s assassination.  This despite the fact that the civil rights bill was drafted by Republicans, and blocked by Democrat House Rules Committee Chairman Howard W. Smith.

The Democrats have expunged from their own history the fact that in all phases of voting, and 57 days of filibusters, it was their party who opposed the Civil Rights Act, never getting even 70 percent of legislator votes as the majority party, while Republican support never dropped below 80 percent.

And now, Democrats are reaching back to colonial days to expunge even the earliest references to their party’s founders, banishing the names of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson from their history.  First Connecticut, then Missouri, have changed their traditional Jefferson-Jackson dinners to other names (Connecticut preferring an almost-anonymous John Bailey, and Missouri choosing to honor Harry Truman, whose fleeting history with the KKK will likely get him expunged too).

Connecticut Democrats said Jefferson’s ownership of slaves and Jackson’s role in the Trail of Tears — the forced relocation of Native Americans — played a principal role in their decision to vote in favor of the name change.

The local chapter of the NAACP applauded lawmakers “in making the symbolic first step and striving to right the wrongs of the past.”

In 2007, Democrats led a push for states to apologize for slavery.  Virginia’s legislature approved a resolution expressing “regret,” followed by Alabama.  Georgia held out, and in 2014, State Rep. Tyrone Brooks, a Democrat from Atlanta, still proposed a formal apology.

“Regret” is a form of apology, but it does not suggest the level of responsibility that could trigger reparations, says Ron Walters of the African American Leadership Institute at the University of Maryland. He says Americans may never agree on reparations, but “the discussion about it is extremely important” for national healing, especially during February, Black History Month.

After ignoring 170-plus years of being the party of slavery, the party of segregation, and the party of Jim Crow, I’m glad that Democrats are apologizing for their past evils,  But they aren’t really apologizing.  They are rewriting history to put themselves on the “right” side while moving conservatives and opponents of historical inaccuracy to the “wrong” side.

They’ve moved so far into apologizing and genuflecting to even the hint of discrimination, that they’ve pulled the whole country into a frenzy of self-immolation known as “political correctness.”  PC has always gone way beyond simply accounting for and correcting past evil.  It’s about a total edit of history, and a total submission to the “new” without regard to history or its lessons.

A good example of this is the push for blanket equality.  Nobody seriously argues that the government shouldn’t treat each citizen equally with regard to race, gender, national origin or religion.  These are rights spoken as of God-given and inalienable in the Declaration of Independence and fiercely protected in the Bill of Rights.  But in a paroxysm of egalitarianism, blue dwarf Democrat culture warriors have declared that nobody is entitled to an opinion different from theirs.

PC enforcers” must take control of which rights to which we are entitled, and which rights are less important, and to do that, they unseat God from His throne.

Note one constant “true lies” theme of thought policing, whether in Ferguson or in the recent Rolling Stone rape-allegations caper: When exposed, falsifiers never apologize to their real victims, whether the smeared Officer Darren Wilson or the University of Virginia fraternity members. Instead, we are subjected to ends-justifying-the means throat clearing and worries that the lies may prevent discussion of real racism or actual rapes — as if the untruth at least served some social good by raising our awareness.

With liberal thought police and PC enforcers, the ends always justify the means, and theoretical injustice outweighs actual injustice.

The blue dwarfs don’t even spare its own from the crusade to end independent thought: Jerry Seinfeld was crucified for (correctly) calling out college campuses as too PC.

I do this joke about the way people need to justify their cell phone. “I need to have it with me.” Because people are so important. Well, they don’t seem very important, the way you scroll through it like a gay French king. […]

I did this line recently in front of an audience. And comedy’s where you can kind of feel an opinion. And [the audience] thought “What do you mean gay? What are you talking about, gay? What do you mean?” And I thought, “Are you kidding me?”

I could imagine a time where people would say that’s offensive, to say that a gay person moves their hands in a flourishing notion, and you need to apologize. There’s a creepy P.C. thing out there that really bothers me.

Two gay men were almost excommunicated from the gay community, their businesses threatened, because they hosted [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] at their home (they invited him because of his views on Israel, but that doesn’t matter to the thought police, for whom association equals guilt).

And when the European Space Agency launched a probe to land on an asteroid (no small technical feat), the biggest story the PC police could muster was Dr. Matt Taylor’s offensive shirt (to which the absent-minded scientist’s first response was likely “huh?”).  Who cares about spacecraft when all of society’s delicate equilibrium is at stake!

When the blue dwarf Democrats run out of fuel and aren’t busily consuming themselves, they must synthesize their own fuel to keep the fire burning.  In other words, they make stuff up.

Hillary Clinton has long maintained how hurt she was when as a young teen she inquired about becoming an astronaut with NASA, and was crushed in a reply saying “We’re not interested in women astronauts.”  Though this story has more holes in it than a fine Emmentaler cheese, and has been thoroughly debunked by both NASA and the space community, it lives on in Democrat lore as the living embodiment of self-absorbed misogynist Don Draper and the white-shirted, skinny-tie patriarchal culture of the 1960’s.

This was the same 1960’s which gave us the civil rights movement for which Democrats purloin full credit to themselves while expunging their history of opposing it.  If it’s not “Camelot” in the 1960’s, the Democrats weren’t part of it, according to their own edited facts.  Only Don Draper types were Republicans, because the pot-smoking hippie draft dodgers have appropriated the American flag as their own (after they were burning it and their draft cards).

Next, we’ll see the Democrats expunge the space race, because no black astronauts walked on the moon, and Buzz Aldrin is a conservative (a white, Protestant, male conservative)—even though Democrats John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson almost-literally put us on the moon.

Prepare for the Clinton Space Center in Houston and Cape Obama when we start our push toward Mars—undoubtedly crewed by the most multiracial, multisexual, thought-cleansed, blue dwarf, PC-approved (with Muslim outreach) astronauts in history.  But then again, history is for losers.

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