Gay Marriage at the End of a Gun Barrel


Now that the Supreme Court has decided that same-sex marriage is a Constitutionally-protected right of all citizens, the question that naturally arises is: What happens next?

In the 37 states where same-sex marriage is already legal, nothing happens.  Things simply go on as they have.

In the 13 states where same-sex marriage is prohibited by state law and constitutional amendment, things are more complicated. Court cases will be filed, or existing cases in the federal court system will be handed down in accordance with the SCOTUS decision–meaning those amendments and laws will be struck down.

Then there’s the matter of replacing those laws with something else. In many states, there might be a line where legislators push each other out of the way to be first to sponsor legislation supporting same-sex marriage, knowing it scores points with some voters, and also knowing there’s no legal opposition.

When the legislation has already been done by the courts, it makes passing laws so much easier, as lawyer and RedState contributor Leon Wolf noted.

Alabama may present a more prickly challenge, as the that Confederate Dixie Gun-Loving Religion-Clinging Southern state has made it illegal for county probate judges to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Alabama Chief Justice Roy “10 Commandments” Moore ordered county probate judges to refrain from issuing the licenses after U.S. District Judge Ginnie Granade struck down Alabama’s 1998 law and 2006 constitutional amendment in February of this year.

In a state largely dominated by conservatives, the fight will likely get down to the rubber meeting the road.

I believe the federal government will re-enact the scene on June 11, 1963 when Gov. Wallace stood on the schoolhouse steps to stop a black girl from registering for classes, and by the force of government at a gun barrel, the state’s power was subverted to the federal order.

Regardless of what the supporters of same-sex marriage say, this is what they really want. They could have waited for the culture to change over time (a trend that was moving in their direction in any case), but they wanted the wield the power of government by gun barrel against Christians, so that nobody would ever rise up again to oppose them.

They want a confrontation to make news. They want a confrontation to prove the equivalence of their cause to the black civil rights struggle of the 1960’s. They need to have their “schoolhouse steps” moment to make that case.

And when they have it, all Christians of conscience, whether making cakes, pizzas, or preaching sermons, should take notice.

The message is clear: next time the gun barrel may be pointed straight at you.

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