UN Travesty Paints Israel as Child-Abusers but Israeli Children Suffered Too


The United Nations Human Rights Council has once again leveled violations of international law against Israel, this time for its incursion into Gaza during “Operation Protective Edge” in July 2014. The report paints Israel as child-abusers for terrorizing Palestinian children.

They have the story right but, they’ve got the offenders reversed.

Since its inception in 2006, the UNHRC has obsessed over Israel, criticizing it 27 times–far more than any other country in the world.  Of the body’s 47 members, 21 percent have no diplomatic relations with Israel, and several don’t acknowledge its right to exist.

The 50-day campaign by Israel destroyed hundreds of tunnels, some extending deep into Israeli territory, used by Hamas terrorists to launch rockets, move weapons, and conduct kidnapping and terror operations.  Over 2,000 Palestinians and 70 Israelis–including 64 soldiers–were killed during the hostilities.  469 IDF soldiers were wounded in the fighting.

There are no reliable numbers of how many Palestinian combatants died because Hamas doesn’t discriminate between civilians and combatants. They would have the world believe that every single death was an innocent child. This is why rockets were stored at schools and hospitals.

The IDF reported 3,659 rocket and mortar impact sites (including those fired inside Gaza at Israeli troops), with 735 shot down the Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome anti-missile system, and 224 rockets hitting Israel in populated areas.

“Palestinian and Israeli children were savagely affected by the events,” according to the UNHRC report, “Children on both sides suffered from bed-wetting, shaking at night, clinging to parents, nightmares and increased levels of aggressiveness.”

Much of the world’s media believes the UN report and the Palestinian narrative without question.

The media bias against Israel is so strong that a Google search for “wounded Israeli child” yields hundreds of photos of wounded Palestinian children, and practically none of Israelis, leading one to believe that only Palestinian children suffered the ill effects of the war.

Yet Israeli children in Sderot, target of hundreds of rockets from nearby Gaza, live in constant fear of the warning sirens, with only seconds to find shelter before impact. During the operation, or simply day to day, they live with the reality of Hamas rockets raining terror on them.

Young Daniel Tregerman was killed by a Hamas mortar fired very discriminately into an Israeli kibbutz–from a United Nations Relief and Works Agency facility (the UNRWA’s humanitarian mission is to help Palestinian refugees, but many times they take sides politically, to the point of enabling terrorists). The Tregermans left their home during the hostilities but returned with the promise of a cease-fire, which was shattered by the sound of “code red” sirens.

Daniel was outside playing, and never made it to safety.

Israel took great pains to text every Gazan mobile phone, drop leaflets on areas where operations are about to commence, and drop “knock” explosives on the roofs of buildings before they are destroyed–all to keep civilians from being injured.

This decreased their operational tactical surprise (obviously) by warning the terrorists they are coming, but Israel does it out of compassion for children.

Hamas attacked without warning, with malice toward children, while using their own kids as human shields, forcing them to stay in place to be injured for the news cameras which then document Israeli “war crimes.”

The Palestinians not only abuse their own children by forcing them to become victims of war, but they teach vicious blood libels against Jews from the time the children are old enough to understand. They breed a whole generation of hate, one child at a time.

From a New York Times Op-Ed in 2013:

The Palestinian Authority’s television and radio stations, public schools, summer camps, children’s magazines and Web sites are being used to drive home four core messages. First, that the existence of a Jewish state (regardless of its borders) is illegitimate because there is no Jewish people and no Jewish history in this piece of land. Second, that Jews and Zionists are horrible creatures that corrupt those in their vicinity. Third, that Palestinians must continue to struggle until the inevitable replacement of Israel by an Arab-Palestinian state. And fourth, that all forms of resistance are honorable and valid, even if some forms of violence are not always expedient.

Instead of being schooled in the “culture of peace,” the next generation of Palestinians is being relentlessly fed a rhetorical diet that includes the idolization of terrorists, the demonization of Jews and the conviction that sooner or later Israel should cease to exist.

Of course, Israeli children learn who their enemies are also, and that contributes to the cycle of death. But Americans, especially, should understand who the child abusers are.

In a country where an 11-year-old boy playing unsupervised in his own back yard is reason to remove him from his home and charge his parents with a felony, Americans should recognize the Palestinians for what they are: an organized ring of child abusers and hate-mongers.

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