AP Strokes the Circle of Jerks in Clinton Headline

The Associated Press won the Astroglide prize for stroke headline of the year when they went with this headline for Hillary Clinton’s “official” campaign kickoff.

Notice how they handled Carly Fiorina’s campaign announcement. One of these women “embraces her potential to make history” while the other “says she’s seeking the GOP presidential nomination.”

Watch in awe and splendor as the AP coronates Queen Hillary, skipping the relatively small matter of primary elections, nominations, and a general election to skip right to the White House.

In May, the AP practically buried Fiorina’s announcement by combining it with Dr. Ben Carson’s.  It’s painfully obvious that the media doesn’t consider Fiorina to be a credible candidate.  It’s also obvious that Hillary Clinton is considered to be “more than a woman” to the slanted AP editorial staff.

Fiorina is likely to be the only prominent woman to seek the GOP nomination, with Carson the only likely African-American. They are both also political outsiders in a field likely to be dominated by governors, former governors and senators.

Note that there’s only one prominent woman running for the Democratic nomination, and zero African-American candidates of note.

The Republican field is already more diverse than it was four years ago. Fiorina and Carson will compete against Republican counterparts Rubio and Cruz, each vying to become the first Hispanic president. And most of the candidates are in their 40s and 50s.

Still, the Republican National Committee has acknowledged a pressing need to broaden the party’s appeal beyond its traditional base of older, white men. President Barack Obama won re-election in 2012 with the strong support of women and ethnic minorities, who are becoming a larger portion of the American electorate.

“Older, white men.”

I can’t add too much to that, except that Hillary is an older, white woman, older than Fiorina, older than, well, everybody else running. Contrast this to the soaring prose the AP wrote about Hillary.

Hillary Rodham Clinton formally kicked off her presidential campaign on Saturday with an enthusiastic embrace of her potential to become the first woman to win the White House, asking supporters gathered at an outdoor rally to join her in building an America “where we don’t leave anyone out, or anyone behind.”

With the downtown New York skyline and new World Trade Center over her shoulder, Clinton offered herself as a fierce advocate for those still struggling from the Great Recession.

She promised to carry on the liberal legacies of President Barack Obama, and former Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Bill Clinton, her husband, saying “real and lasting prosperity must be built by all and shared by all.”

I read further in the article, looking for references to Ol’ Yeller, Abe Lincoln (though he was a Republican, but no matter, the Dems have adopted him), and Betsy Ross.  The only saving grace of the piece was that it chained her to her womanizing husband and the failed presidency of Barack Obama.

As for FDR, to the millennials voting off their Obama leash for the first time, she may as well have spoken of Marcus Aurelius or Julius Caesar.

So the circle of jerks got their satisfaction, and the rest of us know exactly what kind of hacks the AP has working for them.