CNN Host Sally Kohn Race-Baits Like a Pro


Sally Kohn probably thinks Jews inflate prices on purpose because others want to “Jew them down.”  Oh, wait, Sally Kohn is Jewish.

CNN host Kohn definitely thinks that police officers only let people who’ve misplaced their wallet on the NYC subway for free because they’re white and upperclass.

If the cop didn’t let her on the subway, the tweet would likely be “Forgot my wallet.  Homophobe MTA officer made me beg for cash.  Do you know who I AM?”

That’s right, there’s no winning with the permanently offended class, who attribute every small act of kindness to white privilege, Patriarchy, or class warfare.  And every requirement to follow rules is simply cisgendered conservative, theocracy-loving, homophobic hate.

Did I mention that Kohn is a lesbian?

The point of this is that Kohn played this card on purpose.

The fact is the only way the officer would have known she had no money for the turnstile is if she made a point of telling him, in others words, baited him to let her ride. Kohn is crying “white privilege,”but  she did not hesitate to take full advantage of the offer with no regret. She could have easily walked away but instead used her whiteness to get a free subway ride.

The conversation might have gone like this:  “Hi, I’m Sally Kohn, the CNN host?  I forgot my wallet, how silly of me.”

MTA officer:  “And?”

Kohn:  “I have to catch that train!”

Here now the poor officer is unwittingly screwed.  He can say “go ahead” (which he did) and Kohn makes him famous because he must be exhibiting his latent obsequiousness toward white television hosts.  Or if he says, “no, ma’am, you need to have the fare,” he’s made famous because he hates lesbians (and I’m sure Kohn would have let him know that).

In reality, the officer was probably left thinking “Sally who?”

For this act of random kindness-bashing, Kohn gets three worms for baiting.  Al Sharpton would be proud.

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