Inmates Will Be Made To Care


Even inmates will be made to care about the liberal Gaystapo-obsessed quest to quash Christians.

In 2003, both houses of Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act by unanimous consent, and President Bush signed it into law.  Unfortunately, implementation of the law was left to future administrations, and if you give a mile of authority to the Jacobins in the Obama administration, they take a marathon.

After years of ruminating over how to prevent violent inmates from playing “don’t drop the soap,” the government published its final PREA standards in June 2012.  Now states have to comply with these regulations or face fines and loss of grant money to run all their prisons.

The prisoners deemed to need the most “protection” from prison rape just happen to be LGBTI, of course.  Here’s one of the gems from an ACLU brochure on PREA titled “Protecting LGBTI Prisoners from Sexual Assault”

The facility shall not search or physically examine a transgender or intersex inmate for the sole purpose of determining the inmate’s genital status. If the inmate’s genital status is unknown, it may be determined during conversations with the inmate, by reviewing medical records, or, if necessary, by learning that information as part of a broader medical examination conducted in private by a medical practitioner.

So if you walk into a prison in a dress, red lipstick and high heels but talk like Larry King, the guards can’t lift your skirt for a schlong-check.  Now I’ve heard everything.

The hammer against Christians is found in PREA 28 C.F.R. §§ 115.31, 115.231, 115.331:

The agency shall train all employees who may have contact with inmates on:

How to communicate effectively and professionally with inmates, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or gender nonconforming inmates;

Huge attention was given to development of curricula to teach these lessons, which apply to prison chaplains and NGO’s who visit prisons (such as Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship Ministry or Kairos Prison Ministry International).  Ironically, Colson was one of PREA’s biggest supporters, but like everything the Obama administration touches, it’s being used against Christians in the name of political correctness.

One of my good friends who is involved with prison ministry wrote this on Facebook:

God’s Word will soon be declared a ‘Book of Hate Speech’ in America.  I attended PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) training to be able to go the prisons. It sounds harmless, but it involves letting every sinner remain in his sin and to tell him any different is a direct violation of the PREA Act. The State of Georgia has signed off on this to receive a measly $500,000 in Federal Funding for our Prisons. So the time has come for us to decide, will we obey God or man?

I stood and made a motion that we send the Federal Gov’t. back their dollars and run our prisons the way we want to run them in Georgia. The State Psychologist stood and told over one hundred volunteers in the prison system that we hated homosexuals and that is why we have a problem with this law.

Each state governor must now certify compliance with PREA and its anti-Christian training requirements, and the Feds do the auditing.

(a) In determining pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 15607(c)(2) whether the State is in full compliance with the PREA standards, the Governor shall consider the results of the most recent agency audits.

(b) The Governor’s certification shall apply to all facilities in the State under the operational control of the State’s executive branch, including facilities operated by private entities on behalf of the State’s executive branch.

This is what’s going on in every prison in America.  The Gaystapo and its allies won’t rest until the Bible is illegal except for their approved versions stripped of all “hate speech.”

And if it doesn’t change, Christians who actually care about the souls of prisoners may soon be joining them.