LGBT Moral Equivalence: Making a Pizza = Beheading


LGBT activists view Saudi Arabia’s beheadings as equal to the smallest microaggression by American Christians, while ruining someone’s life for their political views or their blog posts is perfectly acceptable (as long as it’s done to those who disagree).  They see moral equivalence for the smallest slight or limitation of their lifestyle versus instigating your complete financial and personal ruin.

Don’t believe it?  Here’s objective proof.

Let’s compare three cultures and how tolerant each one is regarding LGBT rights:  Saudi Arabia, American Christians, and LGBT activists.

Saudi Arabia.

Gays are banned from even attending school, never mind teaching at one.  It’s pretty common for outed gay men to be beheaded or crucified, or both.  Short of a horrible death, gays can expect hundreds of lashes with a whip, and years in prison.

Ironically, the Saudis believe they’ve found a medical test to detect gays, thus proving that homosexuality is an immutable genetic fact (except it’s bogus quackery)

This isn’t confined to Saudi Arabia of course:  every country practicing Sharia Law has similar prohibitions, and many have similar punishments (don’t get caught in Iran, for instance, or in 37 African countries).

Christians don’t fare a whole lot better.  Though they are protected as long as they stay in very limited and specific areas, and keep their worship out of sight, infractions such as smuggling Bibles are punishable by death.

In short, there’s not much tolerance there.

American Christians.

A quick Google reveals quite a few instances where gays and lesbians allegedly lost their jobs because of their sexual orientation:  Here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Four of these were men who worked at Catholic schools, and publicly announced they were going to marry their partner.  In another case in Macon, Georgia, Flint Dollar was fired as the band teacher at Mount de Sales Academy when he publicly announced he was marrying a man—and the Obama-racked-and-stacked EEOC decided that the Catholic Church couldn’t enforce its own sacraments.  No points awarded for being Catholic.

Of the other four incidents, one was a lesbian waitress who fabricated receiving a slur in lieu of a tip—and then benefited from an outpouring of cash; another was a CIA agent in 1993 who was determined to be a security risk, not because he was gay, but because he lied to the CIA about being gay.

A student was dismissed as a Christian summer camp counselor after writing a blog post diametrically opposing her church’s teaching, then saying:

The university student, who majors in English and theology, added that she temporarily left her church due to its stance on same-sex marriage, and has only recently returned with the hope that the Bible “could be saying something completely different about love and equality.”

I wonder why she was asked to leave?

And one lost his job as a TSA screener (along with a partner) “after they were discovered manipulating passenger screening systems to allow a male TSA employee to fondle the genital areas of attractive male passengers.”

It’s only natural that gay men should check out the package of every strapping 20-year-old who goes through the millimeter-wave butt-naked machine, right?  To claim they were fired because they’re gay is to say that two men discovered doing the same thing to women would not be fired.  I might give them a point on that one.  Because it’s the TSA.

I really couldn’t find any other categories incidents of people being fired simply because they’re gay.  I didn’t see the thousands of people being persecuted for their sexual orientation, or forced into the closet, that groups like HRC claim (that’s Human Rights Campaign, not Hillary Rodham Clinton, but same difference).

In fact, when I Googled “encouragement to come out of the closet,” I got 1.9 million results.  It would seem there’s lots of support for those who feel constrained to keep their sexual preference a secret.

It would appear the only problem gays have in America is that Christians tend to like their religious school teachers, camp counselors, and pastors to hold to orthodox Christian teaching.  Homophobes and haters, all of them!  Stomp them out and burn their dastardly Bibles!

LGBT Activists.

For the most part, people just want to live their lives.  But when individuals rise to a certain position, or get a bit too public in their views, punishment is mandatory.

Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran wrote a book in 2013, and just a few months ago, he was fired for it, because his book advocated the Christian position against homosexual marriage and homosexual acts.  Cochran was not paving new ground here—it’s not like he changed Biblical orthodoxy, he merely stated it.

In 2011, Dr. Frank Turek was fired by Cisco Systems because he wrote blog posts favoring traditional marriage.  He never brought the topic up at work, but because it was “discovered” that he wrote these posts, he was dismissed.

Brendan Eich, who helped write Javascript—it only powers the whole World Wide Web—became CEO of Mozilla in 2014, but was forced to resign shortly after, killing a decade-long career as a respected manager.  His crime?  He gave $1,000 to support California’s Proposition 8, which banned homosexual marriage.  Think it’s nobody’s business when you give to support a cause?  Think again.

And of course, we have bakers (here and here), Pizza parlors who were trapped into making ridiculous statements about gay weddings (what wedding is catered by a pizza joint?), bed & breakfasts, and a wedding chapel that survived by the skin of its teeth (because they are ordained ministers).

And lately, we even have gays bashing gays for their politics.

This list could be larger, if I included allegations and bullying attempts, the Boy Scouts, and every incidence of corporate arm-twisting, political shenanigans, and just about every college campus in America’s hypersensitivity to femtoaggressions (micro aggressions raised by an order of magnitude) where LGBTQIA means something.

In short, if you’re one of those rare 44% of Americans who oppose same-sex marriage you better walk on eggshells.  Those pushing the agenda won’t rest until the number who (publicly) admit they disagree with Adam & Steve is flat-lined at zero.

Judge it for yourself.

If you believe that American Christians are more tolerant than Saudis, according to the Gaystapo, you don’t exist.  They put you in the same category as Saudi imams or ISIS who push gays off buildings, just because you wouldn’t make them a wedding pizza.

That’s LGBT moral equivalence for you.

Oh, and you will be made to care.