Obama's New Diplomacy: Speak Twaddle and Wave a Big Stick


The USS Theodore Roosevelt is known in the Navy as “the Big Stick.”  She carries a ship’s crew of 3,200 sailors and Marines, along with an Air wing of 2,480.

And not one of them knows what the hell they are doing off the coast of Yemen, following an Iranian convoy of just nine ships.

That’s because the Commander-in-Chief who sent them there doesn’t know why the hell he moved a 104 thousand ton Nimitz class nuclear carrier into the Gulf of Aden near the Horn of Africa.

The Pentagon told Fox News that the ship is there to track the Iranian convoy, which is suspected of carrying weapons intended for rebel fighters in Yemen, which makes perfect sense.

But Marie Harf, Queen of Nonsense, insists that the carrier group (carriers never travel alone, by the way, they keep missile frigates, destroyers, Aegis cruisers, tenders, and a few submarines around for security) is only there to “ensure the shipping lanes remain open and safe” — and “not to do anything in terms of those Iranian ships.”

Any suggestion to the contrary is “blatantly untrue– so this discreet movement of U.S. assets is for a discreet purpose,” Harf said.

To paraphrase what Teddy Roosevelt might say:  W.T.F!?

So, the U.S.—the world’s only superpower—sends one of its mightiest warships to tail nine Iranian junk freighters, which we could sink, board, or do whatever we want to, to simply sit in dangerous waters and tempt every pirate, maniac or terrorist to do something.

Nobody’s that stupid.

Obama’s new diplomacy:  speak twaddle, and wave the big stick like an impotent mall security guard.

Nobody in the world seriously thinks Obama will lift a finger to stop the Iranian vessels, lest his carefully half-baked Iranian surrender soufflé fall.  Moving the carrier is just another fake red line that will be crossed again and again before it fades into the sunset of America’s lost greatness.

To the sailors, Marines and brave aircrew aboard “Rough Rider,” you have my sympathy.  Nothing is worse than being the biggest boy on the team, but your chicken-hearted coach won’t let you play.