Sweet Meteor of Death...Missed It By THAT Much

Closest Asteroid

In the “extinction-level event” department, asteroid 2014-YB35 will (likely) not hit Earth tomorrow.  It’s going to miss us by a measly 2.4 million miles.  That’s about 10 times the orbit radius of the Moon, and 1/10th the distance between Earth and Venus (1/20th the distance to Mars).  In astronomical terms, it’s a close miss.

We should celebrate tomorrow as Extinction Avoidance Day.  Possible appropriate events would include sacrificing a world leader into an active volcano to placate the asteroid gods (I can name a few who qualify), using NASA’s “outreach” mission to launch a few ISIS friends into the Sun (but do it at night so they won’t burn up), or preparing for the Sweet Meteor of Death by cashing in all your stocks for gold, and burying the gold in your yard while you sit over the hole with your AR15, ready to kill zombies.

The Sweet Meteor O’Death will also be celebrating.

On this I agree with the Left (and only this): the extinction-event-loving SMOD is definitely a conservative.