Obama Blows Air Kiss to Iran While Flipping Israel the Bird


President Obama released his annual Norwuz* message to the Iranian people, blowing them a wet kiss.  He related how he and Michelle celebrated Norwuz at the White House, invoking the term “diaspora” to describe expatriate Iranians in America.

I vomited in my mouth.

He then spoke of his “hopes for progress between the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the international community,” addressing the leaders and people of Iran, from Tehran, to Shiraz, to Tabriz–perfectly rolling his “R”s with flawless Persian pronunciation.

It’s clear that this president is fawning over his new friends in Iran.  He tells his friends, “there are people in both our countries and beyond, who oppose a diplomatic resolution.”  He takes Iranian Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei at his word, citing the fatwa against nuclear weapons, and extends that benefit of the doubt to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Here are some other quotes from Khamenei that Obama should take at his word:

  • It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region. (2002)
  • Our people say “Death to America,” and this is like saying “I seek God’s refuge from the accursed Satan,” which is recited before any chapter of the Koran, even before “In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful.” Why is this? So the believer will never forget, even for a moment, the presence of Satan. So he will never forget, even for a moment, that Satan is ready to attack him and to destroy his spiritual shield and is faith… The saying “Death to America” is for this purpose. (2005)
  • Israel Is A Hideous Entity In the Middle East Which Will Undoubtedly Be Annihilated. (2010)

A recent sarcastic attempt to pen Khamenei’s own diary in U.S. News nails the Iranian leader’s probable reaction:

Ah, the Americans. When it comes to our nuclear weapons program, they leave us with only good choices!

On the one hand, I can drag out the talks beyond this month’s latest deadline because the desperate Americans certainly will agree to keep talking. That’s how we went from the six-month interim deal in November 2013, through a deadline in July 2014, and then through another deadline in November 2014.

And why not? At every stage, the meek Barack Obama and the spineless [mc_name name=’Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000148′ ] throw more concessions our way. They’ve already agreed to leave us many thousands of centrifuges with which to enrich uranium, to leave all our uranium and plutonium plants in place, to ignore our ballistic missiles program, and to lift all sanctions down the road. I’m tempted to see what else they’ll throw our way after this month.

There it is…Obama has thrown a wet, sloppy kiss to Iran.

And to Israel, he flips the bird.

Although Israeli PM Netanyahu clarified his pre-election remarks that there would be no Palestinian state in his next term, the Obama administration doesn’t believe him.

“I’m talking about what is achievable and what is not achievable,” Netanyahu said Thursday. “If you want to get peace, you’ve got to get the Palestinian leadership to abandon their pact with Hamas and engage in genuine negotiations with Israel.”

In fact, no Israeli PM, from any leading party, would make a deal to create a Palestinian state with a unity government which includes Hamas, who has pledged itself to the total destruction of Israel.  Netanyahu is only stating the obvious.

But Obama is determined to be Harry Truman to the Palestinians:  the one who recognizes their own nation, even at the expense of Israel.

This is a major turning point in American diplomacy.  And I think it’s one that Obama has contemplated for years, at least since his 2009 Cairo University speech (and probably privately before that).  At this point in his presidency, Obama has abandoned all pretense of friendship with Israel, as long as Israel exists as a Jewish state and desires defensible, secure borders.  He still gives the “relationship” lip service, referring to a “bond”, but in policy, rhetoric, and action, president pants-on-fire is firmly committed to everything Israel stands against.

The “brighter future” that Obama offers in his video message to the Iranian people is not one he would offer to Israelis.  The “diaspora” of Iranian people he seeks to integrate is not the “diaspora” of Jews who are fleeing Europe amid renewed anti-Semitism to Israel.

This president has shown his true colors–not the blue and white of the Israeli flag, but the green and red of the Iranian standard.  There is no pretending anymore.


*Nowruz is the traditional Iranian festival of spring which starts at the exact moment of the vernal equinox, commencing the start of the spring. It is considered as the start of the New Year among Iranians. The name comes from Avestan meaning “new day/daylight”.