If Bill O'Reilly is a Liar, then David Corn is a Murderer


David Corn has joined ranks with the 9/11 truthers, and now proudly sports his own tin-foil hat.

Corn said he was surprised by O’Reilly’s “use of rhetoric that had a violent tone to it,” and while he isn’t personally concerned, he does have friends and family who are worried about him. Maddow agreed that was an “explicit threat” to both him and the Times.

David Corn is 56 years old, and bears some resemblance to Harrison Ford.  Bill O’Reilly is 6’ 4” and resembles the muppet curmudgeon Statler.  It would be very entertaining to see who would whoop the other in a cage match (my money would be on O’Reilly), but I think that’s a really, really, remote possibility, somewhere along the lines of seeing the cast of Glee in a bar fight with the Breaking Bad crew.

Bill O’Reilly’s one imposing hombre, but Corn’s got one up on him in the threats department.  In April 2014 9/11 truther Mike Ruppert killed himself.  Rupert’s biggest threat was none other than David Corn, when he was editor of The Nation.  In 2002, Corn wrote about a “fellow named Michael Ruppert, who compiled that timeline mentioned above, has drawn large crowds to his lectures. He has offered $1000 to anyone who can ‘disprove the authenticity of any of his source material.’”

Please stop sending me those emails. You know who are. And you know what emails I mean … Okay, I’ll spell it out — those forwarded emails suggesting, or flat-out stating, the CIA and the U.S. government were somehow involved in the horrific September 11 attacks.

Ruppert took it upon himself to reply in his blog.  The tin-foil-hat set who believe in a 9/11 government conspiracy just ate this up, because it drew real media into their netherworld of plots and paranoia.  Get out the mind bleach after you read this:

The Nation has clearly allied itself with the CIA by publishing this article, and has announced in no uncertain terms that it is not interested in journalism on this subject that attempts to examine factual evidence. This is far different that merely ignoring the issue (which much of the Left has chosen to do).

The Nation has been perhaps the strongest supporter of the Warren Commission on what’s left of “The Left” for four decades — it is not a surprise that they are providing such critical support (whether witting or unwitting is ultimately irrelevant) to the Cheney re-election effort by urging nervous liberals to shut up about Cheney’s complicity in 9/11, just as they defended Bush against accusations of foreknowledge after 9/11, when the allegations had the potential to thwart the political momentum for the US invasion of Iraq. And then they wonder why “The Left” has so little political influence …

And now David Corn can add his name to the list of fringe truthers who try to grasp at any fact to support their own booby-hatched ideas.

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing truth in journalism, and exposing lies told by public figures.  But accusing Bill O’Reilly of physical threats of violence is no better than plumbing the depths of stupidity evidenced by the tin-foil-hat wearers.