Obama Has More Faith in Iranians Than Americans


So we have confirmation of why the State Department is not playing nice and sharing with Israel all their Machiavellian machinations with Iran.  From Ben Shapiro:

On Monday, the Associated Press revealed details of the pending negotiation between the Obama administration and the Iranian government regarding the Iranian nuclear program. The bottom line: Obama, as his critics have suggested for years, is perfectly willing to let Iran go nuclear, so long as he delays that eventuality for a short duration. [emphasis mine]

Perfectly wiling to let Iran go nuclear.  Of course he is.  And while Obama denies that the Islamic faith has any intention to kill Jews or destroy Israel, he accepts that this same faith bans nuclear weapons, as he said:

If in fact what they claim is true, which is they have no aspiration to get a nuclear weapon, that in fact, according to their Supreme Leader, it would be contrary to their faith to obtain a nuclear weapon. If that is true, there should be the possibility of getting a deal.

If that is true, it’s snowing in Hawaii.  Or if that is true, then we should be able to drop you into an active volcano and you’ll simply be ejected on a cloud of marshmallow while riding a unicorn.

The AP points out that Iran could use its current centrifuges to build a nuke. The new deal would leave the vast majority of those centrifuges in place and ease sanctions. Supposedly, Iran would have to “ship out most of the enriched uranium it produced or change it to a form that would be difficult to convert for weapons use.” The AP, which labeled new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani “moderate” — a joke, since Rouhani has called Israel a “wound on the body of the Islamic world” that requires removal — admits that Iran has stalled probes into the monitoring of its nuclear arms program.

But Iran has “no aspiration to get a nuclear weapon.”  They stall probes like teenagers have signs on their doors “stay out of my room.”  Nothing is going on here.

And so Iran has nothing to fear. They especially have nothing to fear because Obama is relying on Iran to help stymie the growth of ISIS in Iraq. That’s also why Obama seems to care little about Iranian-backed Bashar Assad’s continuing atrocities or the threats of Hezbollah against Israel. Obama has crafted Iran as a counterweight to Israel and Egypt in the region. All Obama asks in return for this kindness to Iran is that the mullahs wait to go nuclear until he leaves office. That’s a great bargain for the Iranian government, and they’re taking it with glee.

This is exactly the “bargain” that Benjamin Netanyahu wants to expose before Congress on March 4.  Netanyahu does this at great personal—political—risk.  His own election is a scant two weeks away, and 52% of Israelis oppose Netanyahu traveling to the US to speak to Congress.

Why?  Because they do not believe that “the address will succeed in preventing an emerging US-brokered deal between world powers and Iran over the latter’s nuclear program.”

An even higher number, 62%, said a Netanyahu speech would not be able to stop the expected deal, which Israel has said will not go far enough in dismantling Iran’s nuclear program.

Mr. Netanyahu places more faith in the American people than his fellow countrymen do.

And President Obama places more faith in Iranians than he does in Americans.

One of them has misplaced his faith.  Let’s hope it’s not Netanyahu.