We Have Become Obama's Guilt Therapy


Pull up a chair and a grab a notepad while our president lies on a couch and speaks of his father, his youth in Indonesia, and the evils of western colonialism.  Yes, we are all now to be Obama’s national therapists.  The news cycle must never upset the delicate balance of his mind, lest he lose that placid demeanor and become angry or sullen.

American media dutifully fulfills this purpose daily, serving up only the stuff that sustains Obama’s fragile psyche.

I wrote that the Chapel Hill killings story would evaporate by today because it couldn’t be presented as a hate crime.  I was mostly right.

It’s gone from NBC News, and not even in the “last 50 stories” list on CNN, where even the Jackie Robinson Little League scandal got front page billing.  ABC’s got nothing on it—their website looks like some rehash of Yahoo from 1997, by the way, thousands of irrelevant, garish and useless links from around the Internet (such as Scarlett Johansson Reportedly Buys LA Home—who cares and why is this the third story on the front page?).

The New York Times hasn’t covered Chapel Hill since Friday.  The Washington Post had a story on it Saturday, from the Palestinian angle.  I didn’t know this story had a Palestinian angle, but it only proves my point that if the story can’t be connected to the Crusades, Jim Crow or Israel, it would die.

The Chapel Hill story isn’t even on Fox News.

They all led with the Copenhagen shootings.  Or I should say Copenhagen killing.  A man put up to 30 rounds from an automatic weapon into a “free speech event”—a talk by Swedish cartoonist Lars Viks.  Viks is one of the new class of marked people who have drawn cartoons of Mohammed.  He then put more rounds into a synagogue.  There’s only one group of people who go to a synagogue.

Jews.  Jews who grow up in Israel have a different experience than young rich sons of African academics.  Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has no need of group therapy to salve his conscience.  His concerns are more immediate and existential.  Netanyahu’s very presence disturbs Obama’s reality distortion bubble and causes his entire worldview to wobble.

The press is scared to penetrate Obama’s bubble, even “fair and balanced” press.  They call it “terror” as if it rises up from a crevice at the ocean’s bottom like Godzilla emerging from the sea.  “Terror” is handled as some alien force uncoupled from the human experience.  What a lie:  terror is committed by people:  evil, terrible human beings who look just like we do.  There’s no such thing as a “war on terror”, only a war on people who commit it.

Although the unidentified Copenagen shooter was described as 25-30 year old man, wearing a bandana partially covering his face.  Fox News is holding off on calling this a hate crime, relying on a quote from Netanyahu to make that connection.

“Again, Jews were murdered on European soil just because they were Jews,” Netanyahu said at the start of his Cabinet meeting Sunday. “This wave of attacks is expected to continue, as well as murderous anti-Semitic attacks. Jews deserve security in every country, but we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home.”

Did I mention that the only victim of the Copenhagen killing was a Jew?  He was guarding the synagogue, and was shot along with two policemen, who both survived.

So, the Copenhagen killing, which is, on its face, a hate crime with the exact same fingerprint as the Paris killings, isn’t being called a hate crime by anyone other than the Israeli PM.  In fact, NBC’s website, with no irony at all, strings together a second story appearing below the Copenhagen coverage, titled “Finsbury Park Mosque Opens Doors to ‘New Era’ After Expelling Extremists” which reads like a travelogue brochure for “Visit My Mosque Day”.  I only found that because I searched for the word “hate” in the Copenhagen article and my browser highlighted this sentence: “Finsbury Park was one of 20 mosques to participate in the initiative. ‘The mosque received hate mail after the attacks … so we decided to get involved,’ Omour added.”

To NBC, the only hate is in the form of mail to a mosque.  Bullets don’t apply.

Back to Chapel Hill.  I was wrong about the story evaporating on CBS News.  Their headline is “How hard would it be to prove Chapel Hill killings were a hate crime?”  Front page, just to the right of the Copenhagen story.  The first answer that occurs to me is “harder than the Copenhagen killing.”

Let’s delve further.

After rehashing what we know about the Chapel Hill murders—three young university students, Deah and Yusor Barakat, and Yusor’s younger sister Razan were gunned down by a madman, Craig Stephen Hicks—the article answers its own question.

“It’s very hard” to prove a hate crime, according to Joseph Kennedy, a law professor at the University of North Carolina. “It’s always hard to get into someone’s head. It’s always hard to prove motive.”

“It’s not enough if it’s one of the reasons. It has to be the main reason why they committed the crime,” Kennedy said. “You can’t prosecute someone for a hate crime simply because of past hate speech or even because of membership in a hate group.”

There you go.  This open-and-shut murder case is not going to be handled as a hate crime.  But of course, it will.  The federal government will exhaustively search for any evidence to try this as a civil rights case because the victims are Muslim.

Every time a Muslim goes out and kills Jews, around the world, the media will stick to terms like “copycat” or “incited” and refer to the Charlie Hebdo attack.  They won’t call it what it is:  targeted hate, especially against Jews.

Because of the active do-nothingness and abdication of American moral authority by President Obama, we are all suffering the consequences:  we can’t admit that Islam calls for death to infidels, and those who believe it seek to kill us, especially Jews, without somehow proving that everyone else hates Muslims just as much.

But it’s just not so.

Believing what isn’t true as Barack Obama’s guilt therapy is collective insanity worthy of cult status.  We must take a hint from Netanyahu, and stop being scared to pierce the bubble.