Obama Has Lost His "Strategic Patience" Mind


President Obama finally has a name to go along with “we don’t have a strategy” plan to defeat pacify ISIS.  It’s called “Strategic Patience”.  I have to admit, my first instinct when I read about this was to check The Onion or Colbert, because this has to be a joke.  But it isn’t a joke—the White House is serious—seriously demented.

While Obama was playing golf and hanging with Youtube divas, his foreign policy wonks, whose qualifications include following Lego instructions and wiping their own behinds, came up with this mess, called the National Security Strategy.  My best guess as to what “Strategic Patience” means is to do nothing at all, and apologize to savages on our behalf for being civilized at every opportunity, and then say that we meant to do nothing all along.  Like Pete Carroll meant to pass from inside the two yard line.

Reaction among people who do more than present lofty ideals at lofty progressive cocktail parties ranges from puzzlement to outright mockery, leaning toward mockery.

So why would the White House produce this dung ball at all?  Why not just say nothing, because frankly, nothing would be better than “Strategic Patience”?  Well, there’s a law that says they have to come up with a blueprint for security, and Obama is nothing if not a strict adherent to law, right?

The National Security Strategy, required by U.S. law, is intended to set the direction for the administration and communicate American intent to lawmakers, the public, and the world. It is Obama’s second such strategy, and likely last, before he leaves office in early 2017.

It details how Obama believes the United States should deal with threats ranging from Chinese aggression in the Pacific and cyberattacks, to the rise of the Islamic State, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, genocidal regimes, and climate change. It also makes a strong case for using all elements of American power — not just with military force, but also through financial and economic sanctions against nations and leaders who disrupt the world order.

That’s right: Obama’s biggest strategic opponent is climate change.

Additionally, the White House calls climate change and energy security as key to U.S. national security. It says America is a world leader in oil and gas production, and can afford to reduce foreign energy imports. But it cites a “significant stake” for the U.S. to help secure Europe’s energy needs, and thereby wean much of the West off its dependence on Russia for oil and gas. That will help undercut Putin’s campaign to roil Ukraine.

To stop Soviet Russian land grabs, ISIS conquests, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, we will win by opposing climate change.  We will use solar, wind, and tidal energy—along with flower power, tolerance and understanding (unless it’s tolerating Christians or conservatives) to thwart evil in the world.  Captain Planet and the Planeteers will dominate through “Strategic Patience”.  Oh, and economic sanctions might work too, that is until they use real guns, or murder children, or burn people alive, or massacre entire villages.  Because the Crusades happened, we can’t actually oppose evil anymore.  We must be strategically patient.

Whatever Jimmy Carter has been drinking the past 30 years, I think Obama’s been sharing from the same bottle of hallucinogenic Night Train, because he’s lost his mind for sure this time.