WaPo: Vaccinating can't be "something Democrats do"


Boomerangs, piss off the ship’s bow, and fecal matter in the fan blades all return to their source.  The Washington Post calls Gov. Chris Christie and [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ]’s remarks about vaccinations “dubious” and Obama’s remarks—saying the exact same thing—“sincere and well-informed”.  The double-standard is obvious, as Guy Benson pointed out at Townhall.  But WaPo takes it a step further, quoting David A. Graham in The Atlantic (emphasis mine).

Trying to bust the myths about vaccines causing autism or other cures can actually backfire. … And trying to convince people out of their beliefs can actually encourage them to hold those views more staunchly, since they flow out of identity with a community rather than facts. That means Obama’s unequivocal statements Sunday might backfire, encouraging the anti-vaccine movement and more deeply entrenching beliefs.

“Since they flow out of identity with a community rather than facts” perfectly describes the Cult of Obama and the Left.  Then comes a warning:

If people start to think of vaccinating your kids as something Democrats do, then conservatives who oppose vaccination might become even harder to persuade.

And there, friends, is proof positive that the Left and its media lapdogs believe that lemming behavior is the rule versus independent thinking.  Not only can they not conceive of Democrats thinking for themselves, they apply it to Republicans.  They make this monumental leap based on a Pew Research Center study, which shows that Democrats favor mandatory vaccinations more than Republicans.

There are slight differences in views about vaccines along political lines. A majority of Democrats (76%), Republicans (65%) and independents (65%) say that vaccines should be required. But Republicans and independents are somewhat more inclined than are Democrats to say that parents should be able to decide. In 2009, there was no difference in views on vaccinations along party lines.

Listen carefully:  vaccinating is not what Democrats do.  In fact, the majority of anti-vaxxers are liberals.  Even Matt Lauer knows this, and called out The New York Times on it.

The takeaway:  Liberals calling for parents to vaccinate their children are more likely to unhinge the nutted-up anti-vaxxers, mostly affluent liberals, thereby giving the Left—the party of Science—a decidedly anti-Science black eye.  President Obama is being shamed for saying the one useful thing he’s uttered all year.  According to the Left, it’s better for him to remain quiet and blame conservatives for the only sane message: vaccinate your kids.

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