Pinkwashing Silly Dodoes


Sometimes the worst ideas are tried just to show how bad they are.  Like the Pontiac Aztek, or Sylvester Stallone in one more action flick.  Here’s a really bad one:  myfrienemies.com.  It describes itself as a site that “allows you to connect with people who pretend to like the same people as you”—and if you use the site, you’ll meet the other sixteen people who also pretend to like it.  Palestinians and the LGBT community:  frienemies for life.  The only thing they have in common is a hatred for Israel: a country where gays and Arabs serve in the Knesset, the army, and form Internet startups together.

They call it “pinkwashing”.  What they mean by that is Israel, arguably the gay-friendliest country in the world, is only pretending to be a nice place for gays, but really it’s masking its persecution of those who merely kill gays—the Islamist Palestinians.  Tel Aviv is pretending to be the number one gay travel destination only to make Israel look good.  Israel has full equality and a military open to gays as a public relations trick.  And the Palestinians, who live under a repressive, Sharia law-observing society, in which murder of homosexuals is legal, are held in high esteem by many western gay and lesbian organizations.

If Darwin was right, this behavior violates a basic law of the wild:  self-preservation.  Supporting Islam, letting it grow and extinguish liberty while attacking Israel has a predictable outcome for the LGBT movement:  extinction.  Working toward your own extinction is not a noble or useful characteristic.  Even the dodo birds had an excuse:  they were left alone for so many centuries on an island with no natural predators and ample food that they forgot how to fly.  Fat, defenseless birds walking on the ground.  That’s the anti-pinkwashing crowd.

So in New York City, the LGBT Center was having an Israeli Apartheid Week in 2011, hosted by Sherry Wolf and the Siege Busters Working Group, tireless LGBT defenders of the Palestinian cause.  A gay porn star, Michael Lucas, who HuffPo described as a “controversial gay conservative writer” mounted a campaign to stop the event, and was successful (stop with the double entendres, and Jonah Goldberg, your day job is safe, as is your Couch).  You really can’t make this stuff up.

Runnin’ Scared: Did it hurt to have a pornographer call Siege Busters a hate group?

Sherry Wolf: Yes, especially since the charges were so stinging! More than half of [Siege Busters] is Jewish, and the others are mostly Arabs, and they call us anti-Semitic? Isn’t the center a place where different people are supposed to meet and discuss? Shouldn’t Jews and Arabs, gay and lesbian and transgender, working together towards peace be something that is celebrated? We cannot allow a wealthy porn entrepreneur to dictate what kind of speech is allowed, at a center whose very mission is to represent the oppressed and the marginalized!

In the Palestinian territories, homosexuality is more than oppressed and marginalized, it’s punished by death.  Gays are so far in the closet they can see Narnia.

“Some of my friends, who are homosexuals, ended up marrying to straight partners. Now, they will never admit their homosexuality. They are even willing to attack homosexuals verbally,” says 25-year-old Abdu, a Palestinian gay activist, who lives in Norway.

For Abdu, who comes from a conservative Muslim background, being gay in Palestine is not a problem, the problem is homophobia.

“Gays are looked down upon, not only in Palestine, but in other Arab countries as well,” he argues.

Like many others who live closeted lives in risk of being disowned and dishonoured by their families, Abdu had no intention of letting his family know about his homosexuality.

“I didn’t want my family to know anything about me that will end up hurting them.”

And Israel gets blamed for this, because when Mahmoud Abbas’ security forces come across a gay Palestinian, they assume he’s an Israeli spy.  Apparently the Shin Bet (Israel’s version of the FBI) is out looking for gay Palestinians just to blackmail them (many anti-Israel western gays believe this, as if the Shin Bet itself is a gay-free zone or something).

“They tortured me so to admit that I’m an Israeli spy, I told them even if you’ll kill me I won’t admit anything other than my homosexuality,” he adds. After holding him for 15 hours, he was sent home, but the news was already out. Abdu later managed to get out of the country and was granted a political asylum in Norway.

In an orgy of overthinking—words like “homonationalism” pop up like turkey timers—homointellectual homoelitists submit themselves to an incredible selection bias.  Caring for the plight of their fellow gays and lesbians in the Palestinian territories, they don’t condemn those who actually kill gays and their families, but instead they call Israel their enemy.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend—they think that the Palestinian Authority is only reacting to “Israeli blackmail” when they torture gays.

They’ve got their homofrienemies mixed up.  Silly dodoes.

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