Mexico is Now Issuing Birth Certificates in U.S.


¡Dios bendito!

Mexico’s government is not known for its efficiency.  But they’ve got their act together if you’re a Mexican citizen in the United States, and need your permiso, or your driver’s license in California.  Today (Jan 15), the Mexican government is issuing birth certificates from any consulate in the United States.

Not 24 hours after the House of Representatives approved a bill that would end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), the rush has begun to get your paperwork in to DHS, before it’s (potentially) too late.

From now on, Mexico’s 50 consulates in the U.S. will be able to get access to data maintained by regional governments in Mexico and print birth certificates, said Arturo Sanchez, consul for press and commercial affairs in Santa Ana, California.

Consulates should be able to issue birth certificates for nearly all places in Mexico, though some villages where documents are not digitally recorded may not be covered, Sanchez said.

This is so convenient, because back on January 1st, California started issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, as long as they could present a birth certificate.  It’s so much easier to get one if you don’t have to send for it from Mexico, or—God forbid—go back to Mexico for it and have to cross the border all over again.

Now, properly documented with a birth certificate and California driver’s license, illegal immigrants from Mexico can move anywhere in the U.S.A., and it’s likely with “motor voter” registration, cast votes.  Those votes will be needed so they can vote themselves benefits, amnesty, and citizenship, so that they can, umm, well, vote (legally).

Bravo to the newly-efficient, consumer-friendly government of Mexico, for streamlining the process of shedding its own citizens to the welcoming arms of America.