Montgomery County MD Officials Conspire With NARAL Against Pregnancy Crisis Centers


I know that this is Breeanne Howe’s bailiwick, but I didn’t think it should wait for her next installment of The Vine.  Besides, I think The Vine lifts me up more when it’s about positive pro-life stories, and this one is decidedly sad.  Actually it makes me burning, seething, mad.

Lifesitenews did some digging into the too-cozy relationship between Montgomery County, Maryland officials and pro-death NARAL, and through a Freedom of Information Act request, received emails confirming their suspicions.

Montgomery County Council President George Leventhal told Aleteia, an online Catholic news agency, “I do not dispute the content of the emails quoted in the article.”

The e-mails, gathered from a Freedom of Information Act request by LifeSiteNews, showed Leventhal directing county staff to take action on recommendations sent by NARAL Maryland President Jodi Finkelstein to target pregnancy centers.

These county officials are, and have been, closely collaborating with NARAL on legal, and failing that—other strategies to shut down or render ineffective the county’s crisis pregnancy centers.

On March 14, 2014, Finkelstein wrote the council after a third judge had ruled against a county statute requiring pregnancy centers to post a sign noting if no medical personnel were on-site. She suggested the council drop its defense of the statute, and offered a seven-point bulleted list of strategies to impede the centers’ pro-life work.


I am heavily involved in supporting the local crisis pregnancy center in middle Georgia.  It’s difficult enough to raise awareness and funding for women who feel abandoned, scared, and many times, ashamed that they are with child.  It absolutely burns me up to see the power of government applied to limiting these women’s options to a bare waiting room, a cold table, nurses and assistants whose consciences are seared to indifference, and their own personal view of death.

Who do they think they are?

If I lived in Montgomery County, Maryland, I am fairly sure I’d have to restrain myself from committing some illegal act.  Not against the abortion clinics, but against the evil—yes, evil—government officials who conspired in their own private war on women, and babies.

I am very thankful that Alliance Defending Freedom is on the case.

“NARAL and its pro-abortion legislators are colluding to attack pro-life centers that help women because they know their laws violate the First Amendment, and their emails even admit that pro-life centers are often medically licensed and are not violating any law,” said Matt Bowman,  Alliance Defending Freedom’s senior legal counsel and one of the attorneys who represented Centro Tepeyac in the case.

“But NARAL and its biased politicians persist in persecuting pro-life centers on the theory that because those centers promote a pro-life message, the centers are by definition ‘deceptive,’” he continued.

“Anytime the government and special interests define the pro-life view as deceptive and try to punish that view, they are colluding to violate the constitution.”

Amen.  Thank you Alliance Defending Freedom for fighting on the front lines and exposing this grim darkness.  I hope everyone who reads this will take the time to get involved or donate funds to their work.