Obama's Media Harem and the Sore Loser

Barack Obama

I think CBS stands for Caress Barack’s Scrotum.  Saturday’s puff piece based on the President’s Hawaii vacation pool report asks the question “why Obama loves golf, basketball and all things athletic” without actually answering it.  In fact, Obama’s love of “things athletic” would make him a glutton for punishment, because he’s not very good at any of those things.

It’s a fairly typical Hawaiian presidential getaway, filled with athletic pursuits for a relentlessly competitive commander in chief in search of a worthy adversary.

There’s really a deeper story here than simply harassing CBS and poking fun at the chief executive, of whom Michael Jordan summed up Obama’s golf game with a four letter word-based adjective.  Barack Obama is all competition and status without quality.  Obama loves competing, and the only thing he’s better at besides being a sore loser is being a bad winner.

CBS’s hagiography of Barack the Athlete did, however, provoke a few good tweets*.

Basketball might be Obama’s love from high school, but she was a difficult date.  Obama got onto the elite Punahou School varsity “AA” team in his senior year, only after his weed-pal Joe Hanson flunked out.

In his junior year, Barry competed for a spot on the top varsity but lost out to Joe Hanson, one of his friends from the Choom Gang., the loose band of boys who found solace in smoking marijuana and playing basketball. The next year, Hanson inadvertently smoothed the way for Barry’s rise to the top varsity by flunking out of Punahou and creating an open roster spot. There was slightly more to it than that. For Obama and his pal Greg Orme and two juniors, Alan Lum and Matt Hiu, to make the squad, Coach McLachlin had to cut two seniors who had been on the roster the year before, including the son of the athletic director.

This approach also proved to be Barry/Barack’s political strategy.  From his 1996 campaign for the Illinois State Senate,

In the end, Mr. Obama disqualified all four opponents — including the incumbent state senator, Alice Palmer, and three minor candidates. Ms. Palmer, a former ally of Mr. Obama, had gathered 1,580 signatures, more than twice the 757 required to appear on the ballot. A minor, perennial candidate had gathered 1,899 signatures, suggesting the Obama team invested much time working even against him.

The act of throwing an incumbent off the ballot in such a fashion does not fit neatly into the narrative of a public-spirited reformer who seeks to make people less cynical about politics.

To his 2006 U.S. Senate race,

Obama overwhelmed [Alan] Keyes, a conservative commentator recruited by the Illinois Republican Party after the primary winner dropped out, in what became the nation’s first U.S. Senate race between two black major-party candidates.

It happened the same way Obama got to the varsity “AA” team.  Obama’s main competitor for the nomination, frontrunner Blair Hull, withdrew from the race just before the primary vote.

Obama got a major break in the waning days of the crowded March primary when the campaign of leading Democrat Blair Hull imploded over the disclosure that Hull had once struck his ex-wife.

Lo and behold, a similar event happened to the Republicans in the same race.

On the Republican side, investment broker-turned-teacher Jack Ryan won the primary despite rumors about his divorce records. Three months later, he dropped his campaign after the records were unsealed, revealing gritty sex club allegations from his ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan.

Obama’s golf game, his basketball game, and his political game share one thing:  a love of winning without actually having to play well.  This is the man who has occupied the White House the last six years, who has used every opportunity to remove his competition, and who has regarded his political opponents as beneath contempt.

CBS and the rest of Obama’s media harem couldn’t identify a “worthy opponent” with both hands, a roll of toilet paper, and a map of their own behinds.

We’ve always known that President Obama was a sore winner, and hopefully 2015 will be the year we see him as the sore loser he surely is.

*H/T twitchy.com