ABC, CBS, CNN Spin ISIS Terror Attack in Sydney

The media spin is evident even on a breaking, and horrible terrorist situation in Sydney, Australia.  CNN, ABC, and CBS are twisting themselves into pretzels trying to avoid calling it what it is:  Islamic terrorism.

A armed man is holding a number of people hostage in a Lindt chocolate cafe.  He is using the hostages for cover, and has displayed the black Islamic flag used by ISIS, which reads in Arabic “[there] is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.”

Yet CBS highlighted this on its web coverage.


CNN had this:


And this, note the heading “Muslim leaders condemn hostage taking” although it’s clear that ISIS had made prior threats in Australia.


And the ABC article never even mentions ISIS, although they went with this:



Only Fox News published any links at all to ISIS and their call to attack Australia.


It’s fairly obvious what’s going on at this cafe, a premeditated response to a call for Jihad by ISIS.  Whether they determine that this terrorist is a “lone wolf” or part of a network is irrelevant.  He’s acting on orders, and the media should be forthright in their reporting, not word-mincing milquetoasts trying to cover it up.

There are no words which can express the horror these hostages are experiencing right now, being forced to stand in the windows.  Five hostages have already fled, and I hope and pray the situation is resolved with no bloodshed (if any happens let it be the terrorist holding these innocents).