Fayetteville Repeals LGBT Special Privileges: A Win


(H/T to Ryan T. Anderson at the Daily Signal)

Despite the foaming vitriolic mouths of the Left, calling for the reality-TV star Duggars’ heads, and prophesying TEOTWAWKI, the citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas chose common sense over granting special LGBT privileges.  They repealed the ordinance passed by their city council in August.  Hooray for democracy, and proving the theory that all politics is local.  The Duggars campaigned in favor of repeal of this ordinance, causing a firestorm of pique and calls for 19 Kids and Counting to be cancelled by TLC.

Among other things, the law made it a crime for citizens to engage in what the government deemed to be “discrimination” based on real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity. Concerns were raised about wedding vendors and “discrimination” based on sexual orientation, as well as bathroom policies and “discrimination” based on gender identity (particularly transgender individuals—which bathrooms must biological males who identify as women, and biological females who identify as men, be allowed to use).

The vote was 7,523 to 7,040, or 52% to 48% to repeal.

The supporters of LGBT rights, aka the non-existent gay agenda, headed by the doublespeak named Human Rights Council (HRC), has been pushing for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) laws at the state and local level, such as the one which threatened a wedding chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho if they didn’t perform same sex marriages (this was later walked back and “clarified” after a lawsuit by the chapel’s owners).

As Ryan Anderson noted,

Not content merely to redefine marriage throughout America, the activists at HRC want to use government coercion to impose their agenda on Americans.

At all levels of government, it’s up to citizens to keep unrestricted government power in check, especially when influenced by powerful lobbies who regularly use threats and intimidation to ram their agenda through.

Citizens must do this because there are some ideologues who want SOGI laws to trump basic civil liberties. There are some activists who are working to pass laws that would allow the government to coerce individuals to violate their beliefs about marriage. And, as the organizer of Repeal 119 noted, they frequently are coming from out of town.

Quoting Erick’s punchline here:  you will be made to care.  And the people in Fayetteville cared and took action.

A win.