Al Sharpton is Grima Wormtongue Speaking Lies to Power


Ferguson and the ghosts of Ferguson will continue to haunt us for many years, in no small part due to President Obama’s messianic aspirations and real failures, such as his continual association and dependence on self-aggrandizing charlatan race-baiters like Al Sharpton.

President Obama sees himself as the racial healer and savior to our country.  But his history, worldview, and actions are so disconnected from the real issues affecting us that he ends up exacerbating the problem instead of helping.

Consider Al Sharpton, with whom Obama met Monday to discuss Ferguson, and who, according to White House visitor logs, has visited at least 82 times since 2009.  This is a man who doesn’t care about facts.  Lies have no meaning to him.  In 1987, Sharpton made a name for himself by standing by Tawana Brawley, then 15, who alleged she was gang-raped by a group of white men.  The accusation was a complete fabrication, yet Sharpton, even in 2013, won’t admit that.

Co-host Willie Geist pressed Sharpton, asking if he regretted what he put the men through that wound up being innocent.

“Why would you regret standing up for someone, in any of those cases?” Sharpton asked. “Brawley made a claim. Bill Cosby and everyone rallied around her before I did. Why would I say that I should not come to the defense of someone who had made a claim, and those that had been accused never would come before a grand jury at that time that we got involved.”

“But knowing what you know now, that it was a fabrication,” Geist said.

“What do I know now, that a grand jury didn’t believe her?” he asked. “A jury didn’t believe Trayvon Martin’s family. I believe there was enough reason to go to court on that case, which is what we advocate, just like I believed in other cases.”

In every case, Sharpton stands up against the facts.  In 2008, he defended Crystal Gail Mangum, who invented a gang rape by three members of the Duke University lacrosse team.  These charges ruined the students’ lives, and were totally false.

On April 11, 2007, North Carolina dismissed all charges against the accused lacrosse players, with the State Attorney General, Roy Cooper, taking the unusual step of saying that the players were not only not-guilty, but in fact completely innocent.

Oh, by the way, if Sharpton wants to visit Mangum now, he can go to her residence at 1034 Bragg Street in Raleigh—that’s the North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women, where she’s inmate #0801264, serving a seventeen year sentence for the second degree murder of her boyfriend.

Sharpton descended on Ferguson in his own messianic glory, just days after Michael Brown’s death.  Prophetically, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles didn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat.

“I have the concern that we’ll lose sight of this young man and the tragedy and become clearly a national spectacle, instead of focusing on this young man and the issues at hand. Sometimes star power is not always a good thing… You’re not going to accomplish anything in the streets screaming. There’s a lot of serious issues that need to be discussed and those have to be discussed with people at a table talking to each other, not screaming at each other.”

“There’s been some comments made by some leaders who don’t want Sharpton’s protest … some African American leaders and some of the African American elected officials.”

Getting people to stand in the streets and scream at each other is Sharpton’s specialty, with a bonus if they can burn a car or two doing it.

This is who President Obama is listening to, meeting with, and taking “wisdom” from.  Grima Wormtongue did not have a better audience with King Théoden than Sharpton has with Obama.  We will never be free of the ghosts of Ferguson and racial divide while liars like Sharpton have Obama’s ear.