HRC Founder's Former Lover Also Arrested


Yeah, this.  Same love and all.

Especially when a 66-year old is paying a 25-year old to be his “lover”, taking him on lavish trips, and introducing him to the rainbow-warrior in chief, President Obama.

Terrance Bean, founder of the irreconcilably-named Human Rights Campaign, and Obama bundler, is facing several felony counts of sodomy and sex abuse from his alleged sexual encounter with a 15-year old boy and possibly others.

On Thursday, Bean’s former love interest, 25-year old Kiah Lawson, was also taken into custody on sodomy and sexual abuse charges. The Oregonian reports that both Bean and Lawson are accused of having sex with the teen at a hotel in Eugene after meeting the boy on the Internet. Lawson is expected to be arraigned today in Lane County Court.

According to reports in Willamette Week,

“In January, Lawson says, he discovered that Bean had a hidden camera in the smoke detector above Bean’s bed in his West Hills home,” it continued. “Lawson used this information to seek money from Bean, alleging that the camera captured videos ‘of at least a half dozen individuals in a state of nudity engaged in intimate acts with you.’ Lawson claims he is in more than one video.”

Not that paying a man less than half your age and putting him up at one of your homes is not exactly love, but let’s not judge.

“Records reviewed by WW show Bean recently attempted to settle the matter for $40,000 in exchange for Lawson turning over the images and refraining from disclosing Bean’s ‘alleged illicit sexual activities,’ but the deal was called off and Bean later sought to charge Lawson with theft and extortion.

Let’s call it tough love.

But we know these are all loving, nurturing relationships where nobody gets hurt, and they all raise money for the Democrats while keeping their pants on, unless they simply can’t restrain themselves.  Have they no shame?  Or worse, they’d lower the age of consent to 13 and be done with it.  That’s the legacy of the HRC.