The Real Cost of Obama's High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Photo credit:  Sacramento Bee

Photo credit: Sacramento Bee

There is only one executive action that President Obama must take, and one local Sheriff has called him on the carpet for not taking it.

Sacramento County is a red fleck in a sea of California blue.  Sheriff Scott Jones recorded a video letter to President Obama on November 18, two days before the president’s announcement of his executive order on immigration “accountability”.  In the video, Sheriff Jones entreats the president to “do something” about immigration reform—by allowing the DHS and its subsidiaries to do their jobs.  In Constitutional terms, this means “enforcing the law”, which is his sworn duty:  Article II, Section 3, “…he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed…”

Sheriff Jones said about DHS and CBP,

Mr. President, they don’t need a raise to improve morale in that organization, they need to be allowed to do their jobs.

He also said that “deferred action, or amnesty, is deferring this crisis.”

Jones is absolutely correct.  Failure to secure the border is an abrogation of existing law that does not permit the President to allow whomever he pleases to enter and reside in our country.  As Erick wrote, “[Obama] has exceeded the authority of the Presidential powers in the Constitution.”

What effect does one Sheriff in one county have on national policy, on Congress’ appalling lack of backbone or fortitude, on our president’s wanton disregard of duty and Constitutional limits?  Sheriff Jones makes the consequences real.  Decisions and politics are ultimately about things that affect our lives, not just highbrow ideals and white papers.

Sheriff Jones wears a black band across his badge.  On November 3, Jones spoke at Deputy Danny Oliver’s funeral.  Oliver was killed, along with a Placer County detective, by an illegal alien undocumented immigrant, who had been deported four times before going on his killing spree.  If our borders are to remain a Helter Skelter, killers like Marcelo Marquez will simply keep coming back.

Jones asks others to join him in making the costs of deferred action on immigration real.

If only Washington would listen and hold President Obama accountable for his high crimes and misdemeanors.