I Don't Believe Obama on Immigration

President Obama Addresses The Nation To Outline Strategy On ISIS

President Obama’s executive action sounds good enough to convince even hard-nosed conservatives that he’s taking a “middle ground, common sense approach”.  And if I believed him, I’d say he is.

I don’t believe him.

Obama claims that that since 2007, the population of undocumented aliens has stopped growing for the first time in decades.

The truth:  illegal immigration spiked again in 2012 and has been increasing since, especially due to DACA’s “permiso” for children.

Obama claims that his administrations response to the influx of children has “declined precipitously”.

The truth:  only apprehensions have decreased.  Up to 70,000 unaccompanied children have been apprehended our borders this year, with a 361 percent increase in families members traveling together.  Also, the fastest growing segment of unaccompanied children are the youngest and most vulnerable:  12 and under.  This is the direct result of Obama policies, including his extension of DACA instead of letting it expire.

Obama claims our borders will be “safe and secure.”

The truth:  it’s laughable.  We’ve done nothing to secure the border in the last 28 years.

Obama:  yada, yada, task force, yada, modernization, yada yada, visas, yawn.

The president’s plan is a soup sandwich.  He’s counting on the low-information citizen to simply eat this turkey dinner and pass out from the tryptophan overdose.

I’m sorry, but I’ve had my fill of these lies and half-truths.  I’m not having any more.