You Must Believe in Climate Change


The High Priests of the Climate Change Church must not be challenged!

They have declared that there are no scientists in the world who disagree with human-caused Climate Change.  This is what the Texas Board of Education is being forced to accept in its new textbooks.

The revision arrives one week ahead of a final vote by the Texas Board of Education to adopt the textbook as part of the board’s consideration of a new set of social-studies textbooks.

And it follows intense criticism of the publisher from science-education watchdogs and left-leaning advocacy organizations who objected to what they called the textbook’s climate skepticism.

One sentence in particular brought intense pressure on Pearson Education, the world’s largest educational publisher:

Scientists disagree about what is causing climate change. 

The acceptable text, bearing the Church’s imprimatur, reads:

As the amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases increase, the Earth warms. Scientists warn that climate change, caused by this warming, will pose challenges to society. 

McGraw-Hill (the #2 textbook publisher) was also taken to task and forced to change this:

Scientists agree that Earth’s climate is changing. They do not agree on what is causing the change.

To this:

Scientists agree that Earth’s climates are changing. Not all individuals, however, agree on the causes of these changes. [my underline]

Note that the word heretics “individuals” is used to describe persons who disagree with the officially-sanctioned Doctrine.  Although Dr. John Christy was a lead author on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2001, since he disagrees with the current conclusions, he has been stripped of the title “Scientist” and is apparently now to be only referred to as a Muggle.

“I detest words like ‘contrarian’ and ‘denier,’ ” he said. “I’m a data-driven climate scientist. Every time I hear that phrase, ‘The science is settled,’ I say I can easily demonstrate that that is false, because this is the climate — right here. The science is not settled.”

Nope.  Sorry Dr. Christy.  You cannot exist as a Scientist.  That title is now reserved exclusively for those who agree with man-made Global Warming.  There must be no dissent, lest we actually allow our children to have independent thoughts.  God forbid.

Students in Texas, which generally sets the textbook standard for the country, will not be learning to think for themselves, or to draw their own conclusions on global warming or climate change.  They will be indoctrinated into the Brave New World.

Let the Inquisition begin.