Who's the Party of One-Percenters?


Democrats love to dog-whistle how the Republicans are the party of the one-percenters.  Projection of your own agenda onto others is the hallmark of an insecure soul; the false bravado, nervous laughter and deflecting conversation—“this is just a normal midterm swing”—marks the Democrats stunned awakening to truth.  Yeah, a midterm swing.  Democrats, just keep on saying that, and maybe even you’ll believe it.

The one-percenter accusation applies all right, but not to the Republicans.  It’s the Democrats who have been co-opted by the far-Left fringe promoting the one-percent.  Look at all the battles we conservatives have been fighting for years:  abortion, the wicked stepchild of feminism and eugenics, whose real father is racism, benefits maybe 30,000* people who work in the baby-killing industry.  That’s .007% of the U.S., about the population of Fairbanks, Alaska.  Gays and Lesbians—LGBT—are 1.7%; throw in bisexuals and it’s still under 4%, or the population of Colorado plus Minnesota.

The poor, misunderstood Muslim population (didn’t you know that “Islam has always been a part of America’s story” as President Obama claimed?) is about the population of Nebraska, and all of America’s Atheists would fill up Alabama.  What a blessed irony there.  Atheists make up the core of the Democrats.  Remember who booed reinstating God into the Democrats’ platform?  That was 5,600 delegates to the Democratic National Convention in 2012; the party faithful are a pretty faithless bunch.

The true one-percenters, the rich, have such a distorted image, but liberals raise plenty of money from them, for hating them so much** (Ultra-rich liberals outspend conservatives 5 to 1).  In any case, all the millionaires and super rich ($5 million+) would fill up North Carolina and New Hampshire, respectively.  We’ll throw them in.  And the true one-percenters make up about the population of Nevada.  They can play too.  The truly ultra rich would populate Guam, which I didn’t include on the map, since Guam went Republican last Tuesday.

Here’s the map.


I am being ridiculously generous on the demographics here. Even so, the Democrats would rule us from Fairbanks, Alaska and these states:  Alabama, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, and North Carolina.  The rest of us would simply have to subvert our God-given rights, religious freedoms, economic opportunity, and self-determination to the ruling elites.

Democrat cries of “Theocracy!” seem to ignore the fact that 78.4% of Americans consider themselves Christian.  In the last 50 years, the country has moved far from a Theocracy, so far in fact that any recognition of 78.4% of Americans (or 26.3% Evangelical Christians plus 23.9% Catholic) might oppose abortion or same-sex marriage on religious grounds has to be theocratic overthrow of basic liberty.  Math is not my strongest subject, but 26.3% + 23.9% = 50.2%, or a majority of Americans.  A majority shouldn’t rule because it’s a majority, but a majority certainly has the right to be heard.

In the inverted world of hard-Left politics, only the shrill one-percent is allowed to be heard.  I hope we use the next two years to hear the other 99%, and break the false image that the Democrats are the party of social justice and defense of the weak.

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.  Amen brother.

*I could find no reliable figures for how many employees work in the clinics.  I did some math and educated guessing with a large margin of error.

**In this election cycle, the top 10 individual donors gave $104.2 million to liberals, and $21 million to conservatives.  You do the math.