We Did Our Duty


We did our duty.

American democracy and self-determination once again has been validated.

Republicans picked up 8 Senate seats last night, and one in a runoff in Louisiana, so we may get 9.  The Senate is solidly GOP territory, with 53 seats even if [mc_name name=’Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’L000550′ ] holds on.

Our duty was to tell our government what we thought of the last 6 years and if they don’t hear us now, they’re not just deaf, but willfully so.

Democrats voted rebellion against their own candidates, showing a party that self-identified more with tiny minorities against the will of large majorities in issue after issue.  From protecting the unborn, to catering to the 1%—the one-percenters in wealth, and in sexual behavior.  They were tired of the racist, belittling, and smug attitudes that have been the Democrats hallmark since 2008.

The GOP base turned out and voted their candidates.  Bravo.  We finally found a ground game that does more than just grease its own wheels.  Maybe it was the desperate pleas over and over that this is the most important election ever, but I doubt it.  Every election is so, for the campaign staff at least.  I believe the great unlearned electorate simply showed up because they sensed the danger of losing, directly, palpably, headline by headline.

Those of us who regularly follow the issues, and believe in the principles of the Republican party, also voted for our candidates.  We held our noses many times as we did it, because we know the stench that emanates from Washington, and how the NRSC betrayed the party so many times to preserve status quo ante where better candidates were offered.

Whether out of rebellion, fear, or dogged determination to see an end to the reign of Obama’s protection squads, we made a wave happen.  For that, I’m truly grateful.

Now, we celebrate.  In January, we, who claim the mantle of learnedness of our party’s promises and actions, assume the task of holding the winners accountable.  Grim though that task is, happy warriors we are, so now we celebrate.

Tremendous hat-tip to Brandon Finnigan and Ace of Spades HQ Decision Desk for covering the races nationwide, and with unprecedented speed.  You guys rock!