The Capitol and White House are Racist Icons, Because Diversity



Ryan Meryhew wanted to be an air traffic controller.  He went to school for it, completed a College Initiative Training (CTI) degree, and applied with the FAA.  The FAA wouldn’t even interview him.  Because, diversity.

“In school I did very well. I graduated with a 3.8 GPA. I passed the AT-SAT exam with a 99.5 percent, a near perfect score on the test that the FAA said you’ve got to pass,” said Meryhew. “I knew I had a passion for the position. It’s something that I wanted to do. I dedicated and put everything I had into the program.”

It’s not just Meryhew.  Thousands of other applicants have become “biographically ineligible”.  The FAA chalks it up to a new “biographical assessment” process, which deals with life experiences among other factors.  Because, diversity.

It has now become more important for an air traffic controller to fit the right ethnic profile, to be “biographically eligible”, than it is to keep our skies safe.  No warm fuzzies for the flying public here.

In Michigan, a school district’s union contract gave preference to “women and/or minority defined as: Native American, Asian American, Latino, African American and those of the non-Christian faith.”  Because, diversity.

Diversity dictates set-aside positions for every ethnic group, taking time to ensure that every last bit of Christianity has been expunged.  Today, the religion of diversity is the chief value for every government agency, corporate boardroom, and media newshound looking for a cheap story.

Values are principles and standards, like justice, fairness and compassion.  Diversity is an outcome, not a value.  A value deals with how we treat others and how we handle situations.  An outcome is simple optics:  how the finished product looks, without regard to how it works.

For fifty years, the diversity priesthood has fooled us into thinking that government-enforced quotas are the only solution to intractable problems like racism.  Affirmative action, the crown jewel of enforced diversity quotas, was actually a good start to ending the terrible effects of racism.  Civilrights.org quotes Lyndon Johnson from 1965: “You do not take a person who, for years, has been hobbled by chains and liberate him, bring him up to the starting line of a race and then say you are free to compete with all the others, and still just believe that you have been completely fair.”

Fifty years and two-plus generations later, the same people ringing the same bells are proclaiming that life is still unfair, and results have to be rigged.  Their answer to today’s “diversity” issues?  More quotas.

If fifty years of quotas haven’t fixed the problem, then how many years of future quotas will it take?  (This is a rhetorical question, but I think “forever” might be a good guess).  The diversity police don’t care about fairness, they care about outcomes.  They don’t care about opportunity, they care about chairs with race-labels on them, perfectly apportioned with demographic exactness.  Or some approximation of exactness—a white Hispanic is someone who kills an African-American teen, but the same Hispanic is just a Hispanic if they’re the victim.

Success attracts the diversity-enforcers like flies under a horse’s tail.  Silicon Valley has a “diversity problem” according to the New York Times:

After years of playing down the problem, technology companies like Google, Facebook and Apple now say they’re serious about improving the gender and ethnic diversity of their work forces and corporate boards. Recent data from those companies and others like them confirm what everyone has long known: Most of their employees are white and Asian men. Among technical employees, few are women, and even fewer are Latino or African-American.

Wave your hands in the air and run in circles. Yell “panic!” because the top technology companies in America are hiring qualified people without regard to racial or diversity outcomes.  And they are successful, so they must be stopped.  There’s some dark agenda here.  Obviously, the white and Asian men have climbed to their perch of success on the backs of other minorities.

Let’s crunch the demographics.  Hispanics and Asians make up 33.2% and 32.8% of San Jose, respectively (2012 numbers).  In all of Santa Clara County, the percentages are 27% and 32% (2010 numbers).  Nationwide, Hispanics make up 17% of the population, and Asians are 5.3% (US Census numbers).  That tells us Asians and Hispanics are over-represented in Silicon Valley, and African-Americans are under-represented.

Digging deeper into the Census data (go here to run your own), Latino median family income is $59,407 in Santa Clara County, $45,800 in California, and $41,508 for the entire US.   Median family income for whites is $127,743 in Santa Clara County, $88,450 in California, and $72,260 for the whole country.  African-American median family income is $54,751, $49,278, and $41,562 respectively.

What do we find?  Whites do better in Santa Clara county by a wider margin than Asians, Hispanics, and African-Americans, although everyone in Silicon Valley does better, if you care to live there.  Asians make more money on average than everyone nationwide, yet nobody seems to care that they are a minority (they’re not victims).  As the Times pointed out, the problem is with Hispanics and African-Americans.  And the solution?  Quotas.  Just put more Hispanics and African-Americans into the higher paying positions, regardless of qualifications, to bring the numbers more in line.  Because, diversity.

In the name of diversity, nobody is allowed to succeed, unless success is defined as diversity itself.  A successful company doesn’t create value, it exists to foster diversity.  Schools don’t exist to educate:  they are there to model and teach diversity.  And the government?  It’s the biggest hypocrite of them all, with every rule in the book designed to enforce diversity, with an opposing rule designed to protect the incumbents in whatever job.  You can have your diversity and eat it too.

And finally, architecture and art exist for the purpose of diversity.  In Denver, the renovated Union Station is now an icon of white exclusivity, because of its neo-classical architecture.

The symmetry, arched windows, ornate cornice and stacked, stone walls have their roots in the glory days of France, England, Greece and Rome, in empires that were nearly absent of ethnic minorities and who felt fully at ease invading, exploiting and actually enslaving the people of Africa, subcontinent Asia and South America.

The U.S. Capitol and White House, which have similar architectural roots, certainly must also be racist, anti-diversity symbols, that should be razed and replaced with multi-cultural, Asian, Latino and African-influenced structures dedicated to diversity.  Fill them with soul-food restaurants, taquerias, and sushi counters.  Down with steak-and-potatoes, burgers, bourbon, vodka martinis and “white privileged food”.

This country is full of union stations, old train depots, once the center of civic life, that fell out of use in the auto era. St. Louis fixed up its station by adding a mall. It’s not as successful, but it’s diversified. Kansas City filled its hall with a science center, and kids from across the city’s neighborhoods are regulars there.

Who cares if Union Station in Denver makes money to pay for its renovation and return on investment?  Who cares if our national symbols, public buildings, government, and tech sector actually do what they were created to do?  All that matters is the optics:  we must be diverse.

Like all mock-values, diversity is the gateway drug to tyranny.  I’m all in favor of an outcome of diversity, if it’s obtained by genuine application of character, skill and hard work.  Fifty years of telling us that those actual values don’t matter, so that the actual victims of institutional racism from that era have no reason to teach them to their children, or apply them to their lives, has done more damage to this country than a thousand foreign armies.  We have let two generations succumb to the lie that diversity is a value, and that optics matter over achievements.

Diversity is not a value, and we need to unlearn 50 years of wrong thinking.


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