Early Voting Open Thread


Early voting has begun in at least 15 states and the District of Columbia.  In my home county, they are playing “where’s the polls” in a shell game, with one polling location open as of last Tuesday, and several others open this week, and two on Saturday.  There’s plenty of ways to drive up to a “closed, please visit…” sign for everyone.

I am planning to vote today, or if it’s too busy, at least sometime this week, as I’ll (really, honestly and literally) be out of town on Election Day.  My Georgia votes are going to Nathan Deal (Governor) and David Perdue (Senate).  A Carter-Nunn Democrat duo is still unlikely, but at least with the Senate race, getting too close to call, and that’s too close for comfort in a race that should be a GOP blowout.

According to the Washington Post, “[more] than 100,000 voters have cast ballots in each of these three states: California, Georgia and Michigan.”  Oregon, Washington and Colorado are conducting all-mail elections, with paper ballots already sent.  It’s optional to use these ballots as rolling papers in those states, so we’re not sure how the results will turn out.

In Florida, where the election results will vary by only one or two IQ points, both candidates are pushing early voting.

In Florida, where Gov. Rick Scott (R) and his opponent, former governor Charlie Crist (D), have invested heavily in canvassing operations, Scott deputy campaign manager Tim Saler pointed to early statistics that show Republicans making up 48 percent of the early-vote total, compared with about 35 percent for Democrats.

In Wisconsin, it’s the unions versus everyone else in a bid to unseat Governor Scott Walker, whom they hate with every blue-tinged drop of liberal blood.  Early voting in Texas has also begun, and with it the final death rattles from the spectacularly disintegrating Wendy Davis campaign, wherein she accuses Greg Abbott of being a racist who is against interracial marriage—while he’s had an interracial marriage for 33 years.  Next, she’ll be calling faith healer Benny Hinn to get to walk out of that wheelchair, freeing him from his “so-called disability”.

There’s a lot at stake in this midterm election, even the last two years of Obama’s agenda (what is it?  seems like every week it’s OBE, overcome by events).  What’s your take on early voting?  Let’s call this an open thread

Chime on in.

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