Staring into the Chasm of Zombie Thinking


I woke up this morning and felt like I have a hangover.  My daily routine is to read the news and political blogs every morning.  I like to read well-written articles by smart people.  It’s too easy to just comb the web for trolls, incendiary dissenters, haters, or just Google “Nancy Pelosi” for her incoherent demented comment of the day (sometimes she has two).  Those stories make for good sharing—people like to be outraged, but I feel like it’s time to put on big boy pants.

There’s a chasm separating rational-thinking people from zombies these days.  The zombies look like normal, functioning citizens, but they lack the ability to form coherent thoughts based on consistent values and common sense.  They also lack the ability to translate what is left of their shriveled consciences into actions which promote a civil society.  I awoke this morning and stared into the chasm, and that gave me the hangover-sized headache.

Case in point: the simple act of enforcing a rule (read: law) versus discerning intent and injury is beyond supposedly educated men in New Jersey.  Two lawyers, one a prosecutor, one a judge, decided to let Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice avoid jail time after he beat his fiancèe unconscious and dragged her from an elevator.  These same men denied single mom Shaneen Allen’s request for an alternative program after she was arrested for possessing a handgun illegally.  Allen is from Pennsylvania, where she has a permit to carry concealed.  She drove into New Jersey to pick up her child, and was stopped for a traffic violation.  She told the officer she had a pistol, out of an abundance of caution.  For that act of honesty, she faces 3 to 10 years in prison.

Who did Allen hurt?  Did she threaten the officer?  No.  Who was injured?  Inspector Javert would seem to have more mercy than the New Jersey justice system.  That is, unless you’re an NFL running back.  There’s no rational reason why this must be so.  Prosecutor Jim McClain and Judge Michael Donio simply must be zombies.

Jay McKeen, public information officer for the Atlantic County prosecutor’s office, said McClain’s position on Rice’s case has been clearly stated in previous court filings and press releases.

“We have no comment beyond that,” McKeen told FoxNews.com early Wednesday. “Neither do we have comment on the conflation of the two cases.”

A big word like “conflation” should be replaced by a bigger word “juxtaposition”—the two cases side by side simply demonstrate the lack of thought and wisdom when zombies are in charge.  Zombies also run many of our schools, where “zero tolerance” policies criminalize the slightest perceived infractions.  Any gesture, shape, or thoughtless expression by a student that could be interpreted as “violent” or “gun” leads to an application of force and overreaction that would be comical by any standard if it weren’t for the serious zombies running such lunatic asylums.

This happens even as the zombies pass laws making schools into gun free zones, gun free from those who navigate the legal hoops and background checks to obtain a permit to carry a gun (except in Vermont and Montana where you don’t need a permit).  This creates a zombie-only zone where real, actual criminals intent on mayhem can shoot their way in and have nobody standing in their way to stop them.

What do felons think about an armed citizenry? A survey of convicted felons by the National Institute of Justice found 74 percent of the felons agreed that, “One reason burglars avoid houses when people are home is that they fear being shot during the crime.”

Being shot is a powerful deterrent.  Of course, the zombies simply hire more police officers to work at the schools, because police are always better judges when it comes to the use of force.  Granted, many law enforcement officers put themselves in the line of fire, and take on dangerous duties each day.  But many “resource officers” in schools are simply zombies in uniform.  Three uniformed zombies pinned a Houston high school sophomore to the floor because she refused to hand over her cell phone.  She might weigh 100 pounds soaking wet and holding a brick.  She was on the phone with her mother, who has health issues.  Those officers made sure she gave up that cell phone, because they were told to by an assistant principal.

In what universe is the infraction of talking on a cell phone in school worth being handcuffed and manhandled by three officers?  What kind of rational, thinking person would order the officers to apprehend this girl?  What kind of people would actually use force to do it?  Zombies, that’s who.  People who care more for the enforcement of i-dotting and t-crossing than exerting enough mental energy to pop a single kernel of popcorn.

This zombie mentality has totally taken over our universities too.  In California, a bill to require colleges to implement “affirmative consent” for sex among students is now law.  Zombies in bed are required to somehow register their “affirmative consent” before committing the act of fornication.  These students will have to hire a notary to follow them around as they become more and more inebriated, and at the moment their hookup partner is undressing, to witness the written mutual affirmative consent for sexual activity.  Failure to produce such a form can result in accusations of rape, dismissal from college (guilty without due process), possible criminal charges, and a ruined life.  The ruined can join Shaneen Allen in prison, to while away the years thinking of how they ended up there, by not dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

If World War Z is real, it’s not some kind of viral infection spread by a zombie bite.  It’s a thought infection transmitted by mere exposure to ideas vomited from the depths of the chasm between rational thought and a society of zombies who exist only to serve the rules they enforce.

I hate to bring the Nazis into any useful discussion, mostly because it’s a violation of Godwin’s law, but also because it’s banal and overdone.  In this case, I really must do it in defense of rational thought.  But only in this context:  just about everything the Nazis did was legal.  What the winners of World War II called “war crimes” the Nazis simply called “enforcing the law.”  Jews were not allowed to serve in public positions, so they were removed.  They were legally banned from public schools and universities, and confined to specific areas.  These were not the acts of men with unkempt hair brandishing pitchforks.  They were laws enacted by men in business suits, typed, signed, and sealed with the power of the State, and enforced by uniformed officers with neatly trimmed mustaches.

A more current example: what we consider to be barbarism, ISIS believes to be Sharia Law.  Regardless of what President Obama declares, ISIS derives its legal authority from its interpretation of the Koran.  They consider their acts to be legal in that context.  Thousands of their followers, some wearing Armani suits and working in banks, seem to agree.  They are a different kind of zombie, the kind that beheads its victims.

America is in danger, possibly more than ever before.  Not because we face evil enemies; we’ve done that before.  We are in danger because the same chasm that separates rational thinking and actions from savages like ISIS also separates us in America, where the zombies prefer to mill around dotting i’s and crossing t’s instead of using their brains.

When I look in that chasm, it sometimes makes me lose hope.  Then I remember that there’s still plenty of brainpower not infected by the zombie sickness in America, those who don’t bend the knee and refuse to submit to idiocy.  But it still gives me a hangover thinking about it.


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