Texas death merchants have more "up their sleeve"


I will be at RSG14 in Fort Worth, I hope along with many of you.  The event is taking place on S. Main St, down the street from a death factory’s previous location.  Whole Woman’s Health—a name so chillingly opposite from their mission of killing unborn babies, that it summons images of “Arbeit Macht Frei” (work makes you free), the slogan inscribed above a different death factory—used to have a facility there.

The WWH chain of death merchants in Texas has been significantly reduced by Texas House Bill 2, signed last year by Governor Perry amid a hail (Satan) storm of deranged pro-aborts sporting jars of feces, urine and used tampons.  Just last week, WWH closed its Austin “flagship” office, two days before HB2 went to a second trial in federal district court after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the law.

If Wendy Davis is, as Erick has so aptly bestowed upon her, “Abortion Barbie”, then Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO of WWH, is the High Priestess of the Coven of Death.  While WWH is down to seven death houses, they continue to fight tooth and nail to overturn the basic health standards mandated by HB2, which only requires that the same care offered at a hospital, or any other surgical facility, be offered by abortionists.  Hagstrom Miller could simply put some of the money she pockets back into her “clinics” (that word makes me retch in this context) and bring them up to medical standards.  But no, she’d rather spend the money on lawsuits.

It’s about the money, honey.  There’s a lot of money in offering kill-your-baby services to poor women, and abortionists can’t salve their seared consciences without it.  I’m glad that HB2 is forcing clinics to close in Texas, and I’m glad that monsters like Hagstrom Miller would rather spend their money in court than killing more babies.

In Fort Worth, WWH moved its Todeshaus seven miles out of downtown, to a nondescript building on a nondescript street, but likely closer to their “clientele” (complete with a” No Trespassing” sign).  We might want to keep a look out for their operatives while we are enjoying our time together at RSG.  From the witch’s own mouth:

Whatever is up her sleeve, we should be prepared to fight for life.

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