UN to investigate Israel for war crimes: of course


Of course.

The United Against Israel Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, wants to investigate Israel for war crimes.

And the media is all over it, eating it up like chocolate pudding.  Here, and hereCNN had to correct itself because they couldn’t wait to report than an American official accused Israel of human rights and Geneva Convention violations.  But it was only the UN.

What else is new?  What else should we expect?  The UN Human Rights Council, a paradox in and of itself, has condemned Israel more times than any other nation.  By far.  An (astonishing?) 45% of their total country-specific resolutions were against tiny Israel*.

The UN has nothing better to do, with genocide in Syria, Soviet Russian land grabs in Ukraine, and actual crucifixions of Christians by ISIS, than to pick on Israel and leave Hamas alone.


*as of 2013, it’s probably higher now.


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