Is Obama compromised by his ties to Hamas?

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A number of blogs have reported how Obama yelled at Binyamin Netanyahu on the phone on Sunday.  I have to question why Obama is so upset at Israel’s current operation to eliminate terror tunnels, when he usually stays so calm.

When he speaks with world leaders like Vladimir Putin, French PM Hollande, and British PM David Cameron, Obama doesn’t yell.  And when those leaders speak with Netanyahu, they don’t presume to yell at him.  Only Barack Hussein Obama yells at Netanyahu, scolding him like a schoolmaster to a student.

What possible motivation could Obama have?

Back in 2008, candidate then-Senator Obama had lots of contact with Hamas, then fired his middle east policy adviser when it was revealed.  It’s pretty well known that Gazans supported Obama’s election, and ran a call center for him in 2008.  Twenty-three year-old  Ibrahim Abu Jayyeb, a student at Al Aqsa University, was the front-man for the pro-Obama movement.

Given the non-freedom of thought and action in Gaza, and limited access to technology and funds, especially for a mere college student, somebody in the Gaza hierarchy—and that means Hamas leadership—must have approved this.

One of those leaders is Khaled Mashaal, whom Time treats like a foreign dignitary, saved from Israeli assassination by Bill Clinton in 1997.  Mashaal is the face of Hamas (given that everyone else wears face masks and fatigues), dressed in Armani suits, and he’s not in Gaza.  When Egypt sealed the border soon after Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, they continued letting in aid convoys from UAE and other gulf states.  Some of these convoy members have been revealed as intelligence agents.  It’s a fair bet that these agents smuggled out senior Hamas leaders worried about their own fates.

It’s no wonder that Mashaal isn’t in Gaza; he and the other Hamas senior leaders sit issuing orders by cell phone from the penthouse of the Four Seasons in Doha.

“This guy Khaled Mashaal, he’s roaming around, five-star hotel suites in the Gulf states, he’s having the time of his life, while he’s deliberately putting his people as fodder for this horrible terrorist war that they’re conducting against us,” Netanyahu told CNN on July 20.

John Kerry’s cease-fire plan also comes straight from the same people who are sheltering the likes of Mashaal.  Uninvited to participate in talks with Egypt and Israel, the countries directly engaged with Hamas (militarily speaking), Kerry went to Qatar and Turkey.  David Ignatius called this a “big blunder” in his Washington Post column.

The White House strongly denounced an alleged transcript of the call, that it called a “fabrication”, detailing a very tense conversation between Obama and Netanyahu, who are not known to be friends (in any sense of the word).  Regardless of what was actually said, it’s fair to assume that Obama feels Israel should let the U.S. handle the brokering of a cease-fire.

Given Obama’s historic ties to Hamas, that would not be wise.  Not to delve into deep conspiracy theories here, but the question is valid:  what does Obama owe leaders like Mashaal and others who supported him in 2008?  What do they know that could further damage Obama, as if his approval rating could even get much lower.

Any leader who is compromised by foreign powers, not to mention terrorist leaders, should not be serving in the White House.  It’s time to ask some hard questions about Obama’s motivations.


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