CNN promotes Hamas while U.N. asks for more case-fires



The U.N. Security Council held a midnight session…they want an immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.  They wanted it on record before dawn of the Muslim holy day Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan.

The milquetoast Security Council achieved nobody’s wishes.  The Palestinians want the U.N. to force Israel to withdraw, so they can restock their terror tunnels.  Actually, they didn’t give a reason, so we have to assume that one since it’s what they’ve done in the past.

CNN reported Israeli U.N. Ambassador Ron Prosor’s response:

“The equation is simple,” the ambassador said. “When it is quiet in Israel, it will be quiet in Gaza.”

I shouldn’t even read CNN’s slanted coverage, where every statement by Israel is challenged and suspicious, and everything Hamas does is pure and innocent.  In the same article covering the U.N. statement, they revisited the U.N. school where Palestinians say 16 people died from an “errant Israeli mortar”.

A CNN team that visited the shelter several hours after the mortar attack saw evidence that people were badly wounded, if not killed, at the courtyard.

The team saw blood and strewn possessions concentrated close to the edge of the courtyard along the wall of the building, the area that would have been shady around 3 p.m. when the school was hit.

Hamas controls the media, and of course they would never set up a scene just for the cameras to report, and they can always be counted on as truthful.  At least in CNN’s eyes.  As for the Israelis,

The IDF released a high-altitude aerial video of the round hitting the school, but it did not have high resolution and it is impossible to tell if anybody was sitting on the courtyard edge.

CNN has asked the IDF for a higher resolution version of the video, as well as a version that includes a time stamp.

The team also saw a shrapnel field ranging from a few inches above the ground to the top of the main three-story school building, with the blast field extending down the corridor of the main school building.

Security experts CNN consulted said the shallow point of detonation was consistent with a mortar round set to “airburst,” meaning it would explode a few feet above the ground to maximize enemy casualties.

This reporting sums up CNN’s position:  the Israelis must be lying until they prove beyond a doubt that they haven’t manufactured evidence; whatever “experts” CNN consults must know more (from Atlanta, presumably) than the IDF, thus proving the IDF is lying.

Saturday’s extended case-fire by Israel was broken by Hamas, because of Israel’s “lack of commitment” to peace, CNN reported.  As if a unilateral cease-fire is somehow disingenuous.

The U.N.’s current cease-fire proposal, if ever implemented, is likely go the same way as the others, as long as Israel continues to destroy tunnels.  Israel, for its part, is holding its fire, but continuing the tunnel demolition.

For my part, I hope Israel destroys every single tunnel.  No country should have to subject itself to intrusions into its own territory by an armed enemy, wearing its own military uniforms, to kill and kidnap its own citizens.

For CNN’s part, they did get Hamas “endgame” right in a sidebar article.  Point #1 “The destruction of Israel.”  Yet CNN has no issue with that, but has an issue with Israel defending itself.  SMH.

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