The tragedy of apathy



That was the question in my mind when I saw the Georgia Senate results last night.  I had convinced myself that David Perdue was going to lose, and lose decisively to Jack Kingston.  The power of the mind to color reality is pretty obvious right now in my case.

I am traveling out of state, in Texas right now, and was flying between Houston and Dallas while the votes were being counted in Georgia.  I voted last week, early, for Kingston, who should have won, by all rights.

So what went wrong?

The tragedy of apathy is what went wrong.  People who should get out and vote, didn’t.  People who said they liked Kingston, who voted for him in the primary to defeat Karen Handel, all decided that Jack had the race in the bag.  Except he didn’t.

No political race is ever safe.  I am sure Erick will endorse Perdue over Nunn in the general election, and why not?  We don’t need a (D) in the Senate next to Georgia.  I hope Perdue can win, and I hope that when he takes his seat in the one-hundred-club, that he’ll uphold the values that got him elected.

All, that is, except one value:  apathy.

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