Kerry promises $47M to Gaza: insanity defined


Israel buried her war dead while continuing the grim task of destroying Hamas tunnel network.  Meanwhile, the ever-flaccid John Kerry, after griping about Israel on a hot mic in a Fox News studio “We’ve got to get over there. I think we ought to go tonight,” announced $47 million in humanitarian aid for Gaza.

Kerry didn’t fly to Israel.  You see, he wasn’t invited there.  Instead, he flew to Cairo, to insert himself into ongoing ceasefire talks.  So instead of “sitting around” in Washington with no role in the negotiations, he’s sitting around in Cairo, with no role in the negotiations.

Why on earth would anyone expect that this money would be spent differently by Hamas than every other grant, aid, or transfer to Hamas, ever?  Instead of building homes, they build tunnels.  Instead of building bomb shelters for people, they build rockets.  Mr. Kerry, haven’t you heard the phrase “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”?

Our State Department and the UN act as if Israel is their enemy.

In fact, Israel was hardly blockading or sieging Gaza.  Right up until the start of the ground operation, Israel was still allowing humanitarian aid (much of which is funded by Israel) into Gaza.  In fact, Israel stockpiled food for Gaza while Hamas fired rockets, knowing that a ground operation would stop the flow of needed supplies.

Why would the U.S. give aid to Gaza through the UN when Israel has done the best job* of supplying needed items while keeping weapons out?

A few other related items:

  • An analysis of Gaza Palestinian war casualties indicates that 18-28 year old males by far are the largest group.  That would appear to be “combatants”, not children (50% of Gazans are 14 and under).
  • Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) translated a Hamas guide for social activists, with clear instructions to refer to the dead as “martyrs” (a desirable thing) to the Arab world, while playing up the casualties as “innocent civilians” for Westerners.
  • The ever-biased New York Times reported that Hamas “militants” emerged from a tunnel inside Israel, dressed in Israeli military uniforms, killed two Israeli officers, and retreated back into the tunnel.  In most wars, soldiers dressed in enemy uniforms are spies, not “militants”.
  • While the world press slams Israel for its Gaza operation and 500 Gazan casualties, ISIS slaughters 700 in Syria over a 48 hour period.  From the mainstream media:  crickets.


*I wouldn’t say that Israel has done a good job of keeping weapons out.  Israel knew that most construction material and concrete it had banned prior to 2012 would be used for tunnels, but still allowed those materials in as part of the 2012 rocket barrage ceasefire.  Morsi’s Egypt also actively rearmed Hamas until Morsi was removed from power.


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