Illegals not fleeing violence, government report concludes

Breibart Texas broke the story yesterday:  American intelligence suggests that illegal immigration is fueled by the belief among those headed our way, that they would receive permisos and be able to stay in the US.  A leaked document from the elite El Paso Intelligence Center, staffed by DEA and 21 other federal, state, and local agencies, contains analysis about the motivations of the current wave of illegals.

The pressure to head north is enormous for tens of thousands in Guatemala, El Salvador, and especially Honduras, by far the most violent country in Central America.  But the immigrants are not necessarily fleeing the violence, which is a daily fact of life for them (and has not been increasing).  They are enticed by the belief that the US was granting free passes to stay here.  From the leaked EPIC report:

(U//LES) In late May, the U.S. Border Patrol interviewed unaccompanied children (UAC) and migrant families apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley. Of the 230 total migrants interviewed, 219 cited the primary reason for migrating to the United States was the perception of U.S. immigration laws granting free passes or permisos to UAC and adult female OTMs traveling with minors. Migrants indicated that knowledge of permisos was widespread across Central America due to word of mouth, local, and international media messaging—prompting many to depart for the United States within 30 days of becoming aware of these perceived benefits, according to the same reporting.

Debunking the “refugee” argument, although Central American countries are far more violent than the USA, the violence there has been decreasing during the time when illegal immigration to the US has been increasing.

(U//LES) EPIC assesses homicide trends and migrant interviews suggest violence is likely not the principal factor driving the increase in UAC migration. While CBP data from early fiscal year 2011 indicates a steady increase in OTM and UAC migration, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) statistics— within this same timeframe— show a decline in per capita homicide rates in these three countries; El Salvador saw the sharpest decline, followed by Honduras and Guatemala, respectively.

The main driver of illegal immigration is, and has been, a combination of the media and family members already living here.

… Migrants cited Univision, Primer Impacto, Al Rojo Vivo and several Honduran television news outlets for helping shape their perception of U.S. immigration policy.

(U) Although EPIC lacks reliable reporting of Central American newspapers broadcasting the perceived benefits of U.S. immigration policies, several U.S. media outlets since June 2014 have identified Central American newspapers that have enticed minors to travel to the United States. For example, Honduran and El Salvadoran press have reportedly advertised the DACA policy, accommodations for detained UAC, and the promise of reunification with family members in the United States.

As I wrote in an earlier post, DACA is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which was illegally implemented by President Obama and DHS in 2011, and recently renewed for another two years.  As long as DACA is our policy, tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors and families with children will continue to flood our borders.  No press campaign, informational program, or talks with Central American governments will stop the flow.

(U//FOUO) EPIC assesses that UAC flow to the border will remain elevated until migrants’ misperceptions about US immigration benefits are changed. We further judge that this process could take the remainder of 2014 given the time needed for bi-lateral coordination efforts—such as information and enforcement campaigns in Mexico and Central America—to take hold. Nonetheless, traditional underlying immigration factors, such as family reunification and poor socioeconomic conditions, will continue to drive alien flow—including minors—from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

The best answer is for Congress to stop DACA.  They have the authority.  H.R. 4138 “ENFORCE the Law Act of 2014” passed the House in March and is stalled in the Senate.  With midterm elections coming up, it’s unlikely the Dems in the Senate will touch this—it’s radioactive poison to them, especially with Boehner’s suit against Obama proceeding.

Boehner’s lawsuit won’t address illegal immigration and DACA, however.  So the Obama administration gets a free pass on immigration, and nothing changes at the border, in border states, and in hundreds of small communities around the country.   That’s exactly what Obama wants.  A typical Democrat, he wants to throw more money at the problem, asking for $3.7 billion to solve the border crisis.  Unless he gets the cash, Obama has no desire to change anything.

How this money will be spent is a mystery to me, and to other thinking conservatives.  Governor Rick Perry told Fox News “He doesn’t need this amount of money.”  Also from the Fox News article:

Virginia GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of House Judiciary Committee, called for “targeted appropriations where it’s needed.”

He told ABC “This Week” the money would be to send people back to their countries.

Obama’s proposal reportedly would include money for education and urgent health care for children as well as legal counsel for illegal immigrants at their deportation hearings.

In other words, the money will go toward building facilities to house the illegals.  In other words, it will go towards public housing specifically built for people who are here illegally, so they can stay indefinitely.  In other words, it won’t be spent to send the illegals back.    In other words, they are lying through their teeth.

To send the 550,000 illegal immigrants who have processed DACA paperwork home, the government could spend $6,000 per person and have $400 million left over.  They could literally buy first-class tickets for every single illegal.  Another way of looking at it:  the government could buy 15 Boeing 767-300ER jets and have a billion dollars to operate them.  Flying those jets, it would take only 105 flights to return every single illegal to their home country, and then we could sell the jets to airlines and get most of that money back.

Here’s what will really happen.

If Congress approves the money, the $3.7 billion will disappear into the miasma of government agency red tape and be lost forever.  It will end up with agencies like the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which places the illegals in small towns all over the country.  With HUD in the form of grants to house the refugees.  With USCIS and Border Patrol to train new agents, who won’t be useful for at least a year to 18 months.  It will be a drop in a very large bucket and have zero effect on our border crisis.

Obama is shaking down Congress like a schoolyard bully taking lunch money from a smaller kid.  Nothing is going to change until Congress punches back.  With the current GOP leadership, no punch is coming, only more shakedowns.

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