Thad Cochran is dazed and confused, and having a bad week

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AP Photo

Sad Thad Cochran is having a bad week.  First, the 77 year old, who has spent 36 years in the Senate, got lost on his way to lunch at the Capitol, and ended up in a room with Democrats having lunch.

“OK, so I’ve got to find out where …” Cochran said before The Hill asked if he was looking for the GOP luncheon, which has been held every Tuesday in the same room for years. “Well, look, S-211. Let’s see if I can do this. I’ve been here long enough — 30 years,” he said with a grin.

I don’t know where the other 6 years went, that was the “memory loss” term, I suppose.

As Erick wrote, Cochran’s campaign admits it “screwed up” campaign accounting amid the strong allegations of financial shenanigans and criminal actions.  Now, Cochran has fired his campaign manager, Kirk Sims, and retained the law firm Butler Snow, which just happens to be Haley Barbour’s firm.

Circle the wagons, boys, and lawyer up!

Finally, a revealing analysis published in the New York Times proves that Democratic votes from Hinds County, an overwhelmingly black district where Obama carried 97.8% of the vote in 2012, were instrumental in propelling Cochran to his narrow primary victory.  Although the Mississippi GOP certified the election results on Monday, Chris McDaniel has not conceded, and is asking for a new election.  From Time:

“The allegations of criminal misconduct against the Cochran campaign and his close associates continue to mount,” McDaniel, a conservative state senator, said in a statement July 8. “Mississippians deserve a full accounting of the unbecoming tactics the Cochran campaign used in their attempt to drive ineligible voters to the polls in June.”

Thad, it’s not going to get better.  Maybe it’s time to retire and save us all a trip through the Mississippi mud.