Who the hell is ORR, it's Government Singularity


Deep in the bowels of Mount Doom, a little known federal agency is about to get top billing in the “border wars”.  The Office of Refugee Resettlement is the heavy hand and hammer of Obama’s apparent strategy to flood the USA with illegal immigrants and let them disappear into every small town in America.

ORR is a 1980 reaction to Jimmy Carter’s infamous Mariel boatlift, in which Castro emptied his jails into south Florida.  Like all government viruses released into the wild, it multiplied over the years, building up to a budget of $1.489 billion in 2014.  That includes an increase of nearly a half billion over 2013, because somebody knew that a flood of unaccompanied children was coming over the border.

Projected costs for this fiscal year increased by nearly half a billion dollars to cover an estimated 26,000 unaccompanied alien children coming to the United States from Mexico and Central America this year, [Jen Smyers, associate director for immigration and refugee policy at Church World Service—a group that works with refugees] said. This is an increase of approximately 10,000 unaccompanied children from the number of children in the 2012 fiscal year.

That 10,000 increase number is nonsense, and ORR knew it was nonsense last year (of course, Obama was totally unaware).

Suzanne Shanahan, associate director of ethics at the Kenan Institute and associate research professor in sociology, was critical of the calculations used to reach the increase in ORR’s budget requirements. She said that taking care of 10,000 extra children should not require a 30 percent increase in funds

“The U.S. resettles 60,000 refugees a year, and the 60,000 refugees cost $1.12 billion [last year],” Shanahan said. “To say that a half billion dollars is what it takes to increase that by 10,000, the math is extremely wrong.”

Nope, the math isn’t wrong.  They just lied about the number.

In case you didn’t know (who would know this?), ORR reports to the Department of Health and Human Services, the same people who run Obamacare.  The same HHS that hired 1,600 “law enforcement” and “criminal investigator” employees after Obamacare was made law.

Ostensibly these employees are there to investigate violations of Obamacare (whatever that means, since I thought the IRS was doing that).  Now I suppose they are helping out by making sure protesters don’t get in the way of ORR’s mission to resettle refugees all over the country, in small towns like Vassar, Michigan.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved Government Singularity.

A president who acts in defiance of all laws he doesn’t like, a Border Patrol that’s not allowed to patrol the border, a Department of Homeland Security that implements disastrous and illegal policies like DACA, and now, HHS and ORR dutifully placing these children as “refugees” wherever the wind carries. These agencies have hundreds of armed officers, and the DHS possesses what amounts to a standing army on our soil.

If this isn’t the road to tyranny, then it’s snowing in Hell.

When the Bradley Fighting Vehicles come rumbling down the road with their Bushmaster 20mm auto-repeating cannon, and Apache attack helicopters overhead, protest is at an end.  Citizens in places like Murietta, California, and Vassar, Michigan, may learn that lesson the hard way.

If it comes to that, then God help us.