Liberals Against Obama: a house divided

Lot of ants on a wall

If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?

Matthew 12:26

I came across a Facebook page called “Liberals Against Obama”.  Snort.  I can’t even say it out loud without a chuckle.  I figured maybe it’s a group like “Reagan Democrats” who were sick of the Great Society, rich elite Kennedy, and vacuous Carter-style Democrats, and decided that their interests were better served by Reagan, who actually cared about the working man.

But no, they’re not.

So I’m looking through this page trying to figure out what they are for if they’re Liberals Against Obama.  I saw a collection of articles slamming Hillary Clinton, a bunch more criticizing Obama for not being liberal enough, and one article about a poll claiming that Elizabeth Warren is the “hottest” (gasp!) 2016 potential candidate.  OK, the page is pretty good for laughs, and more entertaining than the straight-faced poison from Mother Jones or Patheo.

You might agree with the conclusion that this group is emblematic of many liberals today.  They are like ants who built a huge anthill around their Queen, only to discover that the Queen Ant wasn’t laying eggs for them, in fact, the Queen wasn’t even in the hill anymore.  They’re frantically scurrying trying to save the anthill, but they have no direction, no unity, and no purpose in their movement.

Liberals Against Obama is the Left’s house standing against itself, and that’s not a bad sign, for a Conservative.