EPA's climate-change plan based on convicted felon's "playbook"


It just keeps getting deeper.  The steaming pile of bovine excrement on which the Obama administration bases its policies on global warming climate change is a lie engineered by liars, and now felons are added to the club.

A Senate staff report from the Committee on Environment and Public Works reveals the EPA’s most famous felon, John Beale, as the architect of policies leading directly to Obama’s ability to effectively close coal-burning power plants.  Beale, you may remember, is the EPA employee who claimed to be a CIA spy, and earned his $200,000 salary by doing, literally, nothing, for years.

John Beale is the character from the bizarre tale of the fake CIA agent who used his perch at the EPA to bilk the American taxpayer out of more than a million dollars. Even Jon Stewart, host of the popular Daily Show, featured Beale’s bizarre tale as “Charlatan’s Web” on his program in December 2013. Before his best friend Robert Brenner hired him to work at EPA, Beale had no legislative or environmental policy experience and wandered between jobs at a small-town law firm, a political campaign, and an apple farm. Yet at the time he was recruited to EPA, Brenner arranged to place him in the highest pay scale for general service employees, a post that typically is earned by those with significant experience.

Beale had one talent:  lying.  It came in handy in advancing the EPA’s radical agenda.  In 1997, Beale led the effort in implementing the regulations under the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for Ozone and Particulate Matter (PM).  NAAQS was based on data from two studies in the 1980’s, neither of which was independently verified, but they had elite-sounding credentials like the Harvard Six Cities study and the American Cancer Society.  Beale propped up these studies as the “Playbook” to the ever-increasing influence the EPA had over our economy, and was hailed as a hero in their midst.

Fast-forward to present-day.  Beale is inmate number 33005-016 at Cumberland FCI (“Club Fed”) for his massive fraud against the government.  The EPA’s fraud against the people of the United States continues on.  Obama used the claim of “co-benefits” of regulating carbon emissions as the rationale behind the EPA’s choke-hold on energy production.  The Supreme Court upheld that argument, while striking down the agency’s plan to regulate every home in America.

Obama had to use the EPA’s regulatory authority to implement his cap-and-trade scheme because Congress was uncooperative in passing it for him.  They were uncooperative because cap-and-trade had zero merit on its own, a fact uncovered by Representative Mike Pompeo (R-Kan).  Pompeo skewered EPA administrator Gina McCarthy back in 2013, getting her to admit that the EPA’s 26 “indicators” used for climate change effects have no connection to actual effects of climate change, and that the real purpose of the EPA’s rules is “positioning the U.S. for leadership in an international discussion.”

Here we are, with the EPA still using NAAQS retreads as the basis for implementing carbon emission limits, which will raise our electric rates by at least 6% by 2020.  And it was all engineered by a convicted felon with a talent for telling whoppers of monstrous proportion.

The pile just keeps getting higher and deeper.  The EPA is its own superfund, and needs to be quarantined to the landfill of history.

Update: H/T to Phil Kerpen who also wrote about this.