The joke's on CNN and Hillary: nobody watched their Town Hall


For all the free press Hillary Clinton’s campaign book tour has generated, she’s still stale unbuttered toast and cold coffee.  CNN held a one-hour campaign ad town hall for her last night, so she could talk about her stateswomanship and diplomacy as Secretary of State, and hawk her book.

The joke’s on CNN, Hillary, and all her sycophants.  Last night’s ratings show Fox News The Five with more audience than Hillary’s Town Hall, MSNBC and Headline News combined (and 50% to spare).

 Ratings Tues 6-18

Hard Choices” is #7 on Amazon’s best sellers, ensuring that the broke, struggling Clintons won’t go without food or shelter.  It’s got a 2-star customer review, which speaks for itself.  Sales are still below expectations, and will likely remain so.

Clinton’s non-campaign is running on the slogan “I’m a woman, elect me” and among the faithful Blue ticket voters, who will vote for anyone running behind the donkey, this makes sense.  One poll shows 38% of registered voters supporting Clinton, and 37% opposing her “no matter what”.  Looks like they cancel each other out.

Pandering to the LGBT crowd and trying to recover from her contentious interview with NPR’s Terry Gross, she came out as “a full supporter of marriage equality right now.”  That will do little to convince potential voters in 2016 that she’s going to offer anything better than the current flock of turkeys in the White House.

My advice to Hillary:  stick to writing dry historical semi-autobiographical fiction, and give the country a break from your media omnipresence.  We’re not interested anymore.