Long hot summer for the White House, why not a national vacation?


Summer doldrums is here.  That time between the end of basketball and hockey season, and before football season starts, when lazy baseball games stretch on, the days are long, and everyone takes their vacations.  There’s plenty of reasons the Obama White House would like us to just forget the next two months and take a national vacation.

ICYMI, let’s review the White House’s woe-list:

  • Lois Lerner’s imminent sacrifice has been kicked down the road with the IRS claim that the dog computer ate her homework email.  Conveniently, only the emails from the time period where she was (allegedly) masterminding the stonewall and inquisition of conservative tax-exempt groups.  More conveniently, only the smoking gun emails, the run-of-the-mill, I’m-doing-my-job emails are fine.  The rest, well we know where they went.  Nothing to see here, move along.
  • The VA is still waitlisting veterans for care (and who knows if they are still hiding the evidence?), and the ritual bloodletting of Shinseki’s departure has done nothing to fix anything wrong with the VA.  Word is that top men are working on the problem.  Top. Men.


  • Benghazi’s fog of war has not lifted, and isn’t likely to in the next decade.  Hillary Clinton claims she blacked out, or she was abducted by aliens, or she was replying to an important text and missed it.  But it’s the military’s fault, they weren’t ready to respond to a demonstration about a video planned attack.


  • The White House staff read about ISIS in the news and had no idea they were so vicious, and such bad people.  Someone’s got to do something about this, and hey that’s our stuff they’re using!  Give it back!  Where’s Iraq anyway, aren’t they neighbors with Iran?
  • The Taliban Five, they’re not so bad, not like they’ve killed Americans—except they have—Mullah Mohammad Fazl was directly responsible for Mike Spann’s death.  We got Bergdahl back; we can’t get Spann back, he’s buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

On the positive side:

  • The Spurs won the NBA title.
  • The Kings won the Stanley Cup.
  • President Obama cut a stroke off his golf handicap

When does football season start again?