RNC strategy to defeat Hillary: a huge orange squirrel

Meredith Shiner / Twitter @meredithshiner
Meredith Shiner / Twitter @meredithshiner

The RNC has formulated its strategy to keep the Clintons from reoccupying the White House in 2016.  The not-yet-running Hillary Clinton traveling circus stopped in circus-town, with a book signing at an Arlington Virginia Costco, complete with her (not-running) Ready (for what?) for Hillary bus, a phalanx of staffers, and a surprise I-am-just-shopping-here visit from Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Oh yeah, she only signed 1,000 books.  From behind pallets of water and paper towels, so nobody actually saw her sign.  And no photos from fans allowed.

The RNC strategy is to follow Clinton’s team around with a huge, orange squirrel mascot, wearing a T-shirt that says “Another Clinton in the White House is NUTS.”


Only inside the beltway’s brain disruption field can this idea represent sanity; everywhere else it’s idiotic and infantile.  The squirrel has its own Twitter handle @HRCSquirrel, with such biting tweets as this:


RNC spokesman Raffi Williams speaks for the squirrel.

The media has given Hillary $50 million worth of free media this week without being offered the chance for a Republican response. So we are making sure everyone knows that Hillary has no accomplishments as Secretary of State by having a squirrel hand out fact sheets and bumper stickers, because we all know another Clinton in the White House is nuts! Maybe now the media will get the message.

I’m sure the media gets the message:  the RNC is nuts for coming up with this boat-anchor of an idea.  We get the message too:  please, can we get some adults with ideas more sophisticated than Barney working for the RNC?