Iraq is the Left's Vietnam


Self-fulfilling prophecies have a way of—well—self-fulfilling.  The Left, led by Dear Leader He With A Pen and a Phone Barack Obama, has opposed the Iraq war since the first shock and awe moment.  Now they are ensuring its failure.

From Cindy Sheehan’s camp-outs at Bush’s Crawford, TX ranch, to moveon.org’s constant bleating, to Michael Moore’s travesty Farenheit 9/11, to “Bush lied, soldiers died” chants, there’s been no doubt that the Lefties opposed our troops in Iraq (and Afghanistan).  Many in fact do not hold Al Qaeda to be our enemy, just victims of our policies, acting out like rebellious children.

The Obama administration’s willful ignorance of AQ in Iraq’s linkup with Syrian rebels, fresh cash, and free reign of terror, punctuated by its retaking of Al Fallujah, is nothing less than complicit in ISIS’s rise to power.

Jonah Goldberg wrote what everyone is thinking:

The Left wanted the Iraq war to be Vietnam, and Barack Obama has given them what they wanted. All that’s missing now are the images of Americans clinging to helicopters.

That image may very well happen (not because it has to, but because they want it to).  With Americans beginning evacuation of bases such as Balad, just 50 miles from Baghdad, US embassy staff is getting jittery.  Mosul fell practically without firing a shot, leaving ISIS a gift of US-supplied weapons, helicopters, and $429 million in cash and gold in the national bank.

Satellite image of Balad

If the Iraqi army and police forces are that prone to desertion and running away, can Baghdad be far behind?  I don’t see Obama taking any action to stop this, despite urgent pleas from Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The Vietnam war has hung around Democrats’ necks for almost a half century, with Republican President Gerald Ford inheriting the war’s disastrous end.  The Dems would love to return the honor to Bush of starting a war and they get to seal the final collapse.  Obama is doing everything he can to bring that about.