Fifty Ways to Leave Obama


I don’t often get nostalgic, but I have more than a suspicion that we’re being led by the nose into a “new normal”, like a frog being slowly boiled, we acclimate to our environment.  Taking a sniff of freshly squeezed garbage juice leaking from metal cans on a hot sidewalk is a good way to break the spell.  An equally retch-inducing way is to review all the reasons we have for getting rid of Barack Obama.

This man deserves to be impeached more than any president, more than Andrew Johnson (who didn’t deserve it), Bill Clinton (who did), or Richard Nixon.

Have a nice, deep inhale of the last five years of garbage juice concentrate.

There must be fifty ways to leave Obama*.

1 Flubbing the oath of office
2 Suspending GITMO military proceedings
3 Ending the Mexico City Policy (and giving money to foreign governments in support of abortion)
4 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (allows frivolous gender-based pay lawsuits to proceed far beyond the original 6 month limitation)
5 Bailout #1 $1.2 trillion
6 Removing ban on embryonic stem cell research (some of which use aborted babies)
7 Cash for Clunkers
8 Matthew Shepard (who was not murdered for being gay) Hate Crimes Act, which federalizes crimes that should be prosecuted locally
9 Signing smoking prevention legislation while continuing to secretly smoke
10 Obamacare
11 Signing Veterans Omnibus Health Act and then not following it
12 Dodd-Frank – another Federal power play
13 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (which makes school lunches inedible and portions third-world small), another Federal power play
14 Repealing Don’t Ask Don’ Tell
15 Super-Committee “Sequestration” – destroying the Congressional budget mechanism in use for 70 years
16 Extending FISA while using the NSA to spy on America
17 Closing down national parks, including the WWII memorial, during the “mini-shutdown”
18 Appointing Janet Napalitano
19 Appointing Eric Shinseki (a disgrace)
20 Appointing Eric Holder (and not firing him for Fast & Furious)
21 Appointing Kathleen Sebelius (abortion evangelist)
22 Appointing Ken Salazar (using Interior to further radical environmentalist causes)
23 Appointing Kevin Jennings (GLSEN founder and anti-Christian bigot) to Office of Safe & Drug Free (but not sodomy free) Schools
24 Appointing Susan Rice (defender of indefensible acts in chief)
25 Appointing Hillary Clinton
26 SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor
27 SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan
28 Making NASA a farce and Muslim outreach department
29 “Reset” with Russia, giving Putin a pass to do whatever
30 “Red lines” with Syria and no action
31 Supporting terrorist rebels in Syria, no winners
32 Insulting Israel, repeatedly, repeatedly
33 Supporting Hamas (even using Gaza-based phone banks in campaign)
34 Accepting foreign credit card donations in campaign with no limits
35 Supporting Morsi’s “Arab Spring” of Muslim tyranny
36 Calling Iran’s Rouhani to congratulate him and let Iran know we are okay with them, bomb or no bomb
37 SEALS kill Bin Laden and Obama orders a Muslim burial at sea with honors (apparently so Bin Laden’s soul would go to paradise?)
38 Taking credit for Bin Laden’s death
39 Golfing in Key Largo while Putin invades Crimea
40 Benghazi
41 Covering up Benghazi to get re-elected
42 Traveling more than any other President, ever
43 Congratulating Michael Sam (for what? being the last round pick? or being gay?)
44 Congratulating Jason Collins
45 Beer Summit with Henry Louis Gates
46 Trayvon Martin could be my son
47 Bailing out GM, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, “Too big to fail” banks
48 Calling the IRS a “phony scandal”
49 Trading Bowe Bergdahl for 5 terrorists
50 Denouncing Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers for calling him a deserter

*These are loosely in chronological order, but not strictly so.

If you have more, please post in the thread.  This is aroma therapy here.