EPA rules to increase energy costs by 40%

The EPA is going to increase your electric bill by 40% by 2020.  The new planned regulations will cut CO2 emissions from power plants by 30% in the next 15 years.

Without any legislation from Congress or passing a national energy policy, the Obama administration, whose blind faith in the Church of Climate Change and its holy sacraments is beyond debate, is directing these changes in defense of the planet.

The CO2 data on coal-fired electric plants has been around a very long time.  The data about global warming is not settled science or even a consensus (just Google “climate skeptic”).  This is so not-new, a 1990 study by the Solar Energy Research Institute (paid for by the government!  Note to self:  get a self-serving government contract to write a 12th grade research paper which supports my own business ideas) nails the Obama position.


Twenty-four years later, alternative energy hasn’t made a dent in our energy profile.  Depending on your political lean, this could be due to the evil energy companies conspiring with government to destroy the planet, or it could be that solar and wind energy are just not economically viable or technologically developed enough to supply America’s needs.  Add that to the fact that solar takes large amounts of sun-drenched land to work, wind kills thousands of birds and produces noise pollution and also takes large amounts of open space; the NIMBY factor is huge.

Supporters of alternative energy (conservatives and liberals) don’t want 200 foot wind towers or 1,000 acres of solar mirrors anywhere near their homes.  Even small-scale wind turbines don’t mix well with residential life (as Falmouth, Mass found out).

Captain Planet (secret identity: He With a Pen and a Phone) and his Greenhouse League have seen fit to impose this idyllic future upon us at gunpoint (all laws should be evaluated in this fashion: at some level, a law might come down to being imposed at gunpoint).  Since nuclear power is not an option (another evil conspiracy), we are left with Judge Smails directive “You’ll get nothing, and like it!”

Get ready to pay for a big, steaming chunk of nothing when it hits your electric bill.